Back to their old selves again!

Just wanted to report on the status of Sherpa and Onyx. They are doing great! Pretty much back to normal. Sherpa got her staples out yesterday, and they both got their drains out last week.
They are doing very good, and are playing much softer with each other now.
Makes me so happy that they are ok!


Poor puppies

So! The other night, Richard and I went out to dinner, and when we came back, the house looked like a crime scene! Our 2 Pit Bulls, Sherpa and Onyx had gotten into quite the argument. This had not ever happened before, and we still have no idea what may have set them off. When we first went into the house, Chloe, our Jack Russell Terrier, was no where to be found. I was so worried that she might be dead out in the back yard! Finally, Richard found her. She had somehow gotten into the bedroom, and would not come out. She was so scared! It was kinda freaky, but also kinda funny that when Richard brought her out, she was no longer white... she was PINK! She had dried blood all over her, but she didn't have a scratch luckily. Sherpa and Onyx, on the other hand, were pretty beat up. Sherpa was losing alot of blood, and we couldn't really see much on Onyx, since she is so dark, and her fur is a little thicker. We rushed them to the ER Vet and got them taken care of. We got there around 11 pm, and didn't get out of there until around 3:30 or 4 am. The Vet, and the techs absolutely fell in love with them! They were very happy to see Pit Bulls that were so well behaved and sweet, even though they were so traumatized. Almost $500, 22 staples and 2 drains later, they are going to be ok! They are already starting to turn back into their old selves. Playing with each other again, and not so cautious around us, or other dogs. I am so happy that they are ok! We were so afraid that we were going to have to put them down that night, and that we were going to lose 2 of our babies. the top of Sherpa's head side of her face her legs. she was frankenpup onyx's neck her face