Cousin Cole's Superhero Birthday Party

Cousin Cole had a Superhero themed third birthday party.

It was so fun to get Tanner dressed up (as Iron Man of course) and watch him play with his cousins.
He didn't like the mask down over his eyes but at least he kept it on his head!
All of the Superheroes. (Robin is the birthday boy)
Everyone waiting in line to hit the Batman Pinata.
On of Cole's Aunts does balloon animals. She made swords for the boys and flowers for the girls. At the end of the party everyone got a really cool superhero balloon figure. Tanner got Superman. I wish I got a picture of it!
Tanner didn't want to stop hitting the pinata (of course). So after it was busted open we tied it back onto the rope so I could hold it up for him to go to town some more. (this picture it was still intact)


Walk for Healing Hearts 2013

We participated in IHH's Walk for Healing Hearts again this year. 

It was a lot of fun and we had some unexpected family members come and support us! My Aunt Laurie and Uncle Kent came as well as their son, my cousin Eric, his wife Andrea and their beautiful family. I was not expecting them to come at all! So it was so touching to see them it brought tears to my eyes.

It was a wonderful experience to be able to talk with them and also visit and play with other heart families.
Tanner's favorite part was of course the playground.
You can see us near the far right pushing Tanner on his bike.


Tanner's First Movie

We took Tanner to his first movie!

We went to see Planes. I figured since he loves Cars so much he'd probably do well seeing this movie in the theater.
He did pretty good. At first.
He probably lasted for 30-40 minutes which was much better than I was expecting! After that he was done and I was chasing him up and down the hallways.

Oh well! Now we know we need to wait a little longer before we try that again. But it was fun.