New-to-Us Bed

  We purchased a California King bed from one of my Heart friends. She moved to a new place and it was just too big for her room so she sold it to us for a very nice price.

We just had to make some improvements to it....
During. (excuse my hair wrap. I had just taken a shower and it also worked very well to keep my hair out of the paint!)
After! We are loving it! it is so so so so pretty all black. It almost looks new. Very excited to sleep on it tonight!

Load Fire

  Kollin called me from work the other day letting me know that he had a fire in his truck.
Here's the story:

He was doing residential that day.
As he was going along he noticed smoke when he looked at the camera that's inside the hopper of the truck.
When he looked again he actually saw flames.
He got out his fire extinguisher and used over half of it with no improvement.
He also tried packing his load to smother the fire.
No dice.
He called his managers and they said to call 911 since the fire extinguisher didn't work.
He called and said he was driving to a large parking lot to try to get off of the main road.
The 911 dispatcher told him to not do that and stop right where he was.
He let them know he was right in front of an elementary school.
They still said to stop.
When the fire fighters got there Kollin, as well as a resident were still not able to get the fire out with his extinguisher and a garden hose.
The fire fighters told him to dump his load where he was.
Well, ok then!
They found that it was a chemical fire and were able to get it out.
It was pretty interesting, and at least he wasn't the one that had to clean the mess up!
We are all very grateful that he is ok!

Toddler Heaven

  The other day we had plumbers over to fix some cracked pipes in the house.
At the same time there was road construction going on outside.
Tanner was in heaven!
He loved the big trucks, but wasn't too happy about how loud they were.
New hiding place for Tanner! Too bad the plumbers closed it all back up again.

On the Move

  We've got a scooter!
Starting position
Just getting going.
Finish. About 5 minutes or so later.


Five Months Old

This is going by so fast, but it is so fun!

You are officially laughing now but still don't do it very often. You would rather squeal and screech. 
You are mostly such a good and happy baby. You are starting to not like riding in the car more and more though. When it used to put you right to sleep you spend the majority of the time in the car crying unless I'm sitting in the back seat with you.
You are doing so well at sitting up! If you have something that your bum is nestled into you can sit right up without any other support. There have also been a few times where you have sat up without any help at all. You have this cradle that we now have to strap you into since you are getting so squirmy and strong. When we put you in it, you will sit up and just your little head is popping up over the edge. It is pretty cute to see. You also sit straight up in your bouncer when you are strapped into it. That is some great core strength! 
I am not sure if you are loving tummy time or if you just don't remember how to roll back over to your back. Whenever we put you down on your back you immediately roll over to your tummy. You will be content like that for long periods of time too, so I'm guessing you like it. You will just look around while holding your head up so well! You're also getting much squirmier and tend to travel a little bit while you're on the ground. Just the only direction you go right now is backwards. You have rolled back to your back many times, but just not very often.

You have been taking naps and sleeping at night in your very own crib in your room with Tanner. It has been a very smooth transition. You haven't woken Tanner up hardly at all and you can sleep 4 or 5 hours at a time sometimes. Usually it's only 2 or 3, which we need to work on.

We have started you on solids and you are doing so well! Right now you are loving squash, banana and apple. It's a little bit of a fight to get you to eat vegetables, but you eventually get them down. You've also been holding your own bottle every now and then and are getting pretty good and putting your bink back into your mouth.

We believe you have been teething lately. You are nothing but drool, chewing on your fingers or anything you can get into your mouth really and a bit of a runny nose. Just waiting for that first tooth to pop through!

You have now officially upgraded to size 2 diapers and into 3-6 months clothes. I was so sad when I put away your 0-3 month clothes, but the new wardrobe is pretty fun. I love putting you in outfits that I love when your big brother wore them and you are just as cute in them!

Weight: 15.8 lbs (home scale)
Height: 26.25 inches

You are so much fun and can't wait to see what you do this next month!
mommy and daddy


First Annual George J. Cannon Family Summer Party! (and some rain)

Earlier this week was the First Annual George J. Cannon Family Summer Party! It has always been the big family Christmas party in the past. This last year it was put to a vote to keep it during Christmas time, or to move it to the summer. I think it is good that it was moved to the summer since the holidays are so so busy with everyone growing up and having their own families. One less party to go to during that time makes things easier. The only sad part is there will be no more Santa for the little kids which was always such a fun memory I had as a kid growing up. I think this will work out just great though!

It was at Sugarhouse Park and we were all getting together, eating and visiting before the program started. A little into the program when my Great Aunt Virginia (I may be wrong, I'll have to make sure) was speaking about Great Grandma and Grandpa Cannon (George J and Lucy) I could see clouds rolling in. 
And then it started to get really windy. 
And then it started to sprinkle. 
And then it was an absolute downpour! 

There are skylight windows going all the way up the roof of the pavilion we were under, but they were all gone! So everyone jumped up and huddled into the middle of the pavilion where we were getting the least amount of rain.

Before this all started Tanner was playing at the drinking fountain (anyone that has been to these pavilions at Sugarhouse Park know these drinking fountains and how fun they are for little kids to play in), and Kollin, my dad and Gwen were all near him. I assumed Chase was somewhere over there in his carseat as well since I couldn't see him and my dad was the last person to have him. I was under the pavilion eating and visiting with relatives.

The next thing I know some papers are starting to blow away so I grabbed them and headed for the garbage can to throw them away when it started to rain. I look back and everyone was running for cover. Apparently what happened is Kollin grabbed Chase and was looking for me to get Tanner but I was nowhere in sight since I was at the garbage can! Luckily my cousin Chase was close to Tanner and grabbed him to bring him under the pavilion. Needless to say Tanner was a little traumatized. 

I thought the whole ordeal was hilarious and was trying to get video and pictures. Tanner was fine after he got over the original scare, and Chase was doing just fine under a picnic table in his carseat under his canopy. But Kollin was not happy and was cold. So we headed out to the car to go home. It was so funny and crazy at the same time! Too bad the part got cut so short though.
Pictures are out of order since I'm too lazy to rearrange them.
We got absolutely drenched. Tanner was not impressed.
Hanging out under Grandpa Cannon's umbrella.
This was when I first got him from my cousin Chase. I was still trying to grab things off the tables and help others so I couldn't hold him. So he just clung to my leg. Poor guy.
My dad is like a boy scout. Always prepared.
You can't really tell, but I am dripping wet! You can't even see out of the windows of the car because it was raining so hard and fast!

Cabin Shenanigans

This last weekend we all went up to my family's cabin and spent a night with my parents. It was a lot of fun and we are pretty impressed with how both boys (especially Chase) did overnight in unfamiliar surroundings.
Tanner loved sitting like this in the loft and having us look up at him.
By far Tanner's favorite of the whole weekend. He loves these marbles and I am surprised he remembered about them from the last time we were up here months and months ago!
Loving this picture.
I was asking my dad how old he thought these marbles were. He said probably around 80 years old! I knew they were old, but not THAT old! It is amazing that my dad, me and now Tanner have all played with these marbles and egg cartons as children.
Grandpa taking Tanner on an adventure. They found about 6 different bodies of water he could throw rocks into.
We took a walk around Silver Lake.
Chase trying so hard to sit up!
Tanner wasn't too excited....
Until I showed him Mickey Rock. Then that was all he wanted to find while we were walking around the lake.
It was a beautiful, cool and overcast day.

Eating s'mores in the rain.
Happy Breastfeeding Awareness Week!
Chase napping while we were packing and cleaning.
Bubbles! ......Also notice Tanner's pants (they're backwards if you can't see). He put them on himself. He is doing SO great with potty training! I'm probably going to do a catch up post before this one so this may be old news, but oh well. He is an expert with #1, but is still absolutely terrified to go #2 in the potty. But the good thing is he will tell us when he needs to go and asks for a diaper on. We still have him sit on the potty when he knows he needs to poop just to try to get him to do it and get used to it. But he never does. And we don't want to force the issue and make him even more scared. So we're just waiting until he's ready. At least pooping in a diaper is better than in his undies any day! I'll take it!