Last Day of Pre-School 2015

Tanner "graduated" from pre-school today. I say that with quotes since he is still going to do another year next school year and will officially graduate next year. 
It was such a cute little program. There was a slideshow that the teachers put together of all of their fieldtrips and different classroom activities throughout the year. Each family got a copy of it as well. It is so nice to have it!
They also sang some songs. They sang the ABC's, Old MacDonald had a Farm and Skidamarink.
For Old MacDonald each child dressed up as an animal. Tanner and the girl to the left of him were horses. When it was their turn Tanner turned around and wiggled his little bum to swish his horse tail. The other girl was too shy to do it, so he was the only one. They were also the only ones that had any type of action with their animal. Needless to say everyone laughed and thought it was so cute!
Tanner with two of his teachers. Miss Emily and Miss Emma. They are such sweet girls. I am sad they are seniors and won't be back next year to teach him again.
Some of the art projects they did over the year
His Alphabet Book. Each page is an art project for each letter
Miss Rhonda. She is the main teacher of the pre-school, and also a Heart Mom!
There is also Miss Bridges who I didn't get a picture of. She is the teacher that is over the high school students and the entire early childhood development program. Both of them have been so wonderful with Tanner this year!


Mother's Day 2015

 Mother's Day was nice and laid back this year. My boys let me sleep in and we all just spent time with each other lounging around the house.
I love the gifts that they got me! I technically picked them out since we went shopping as a family the day before. They are perfect!

I finally have a necklace with Chase's birthstone. It has been interesting how hard it has been to find something with aquamarine that I like.

Ever since Chase was born we have been looking for a new ring for me with 4 hearts. I spotted this when we were about ready to give up on a ring. I am so happy we found it!

Later that day we went to Gandma and Grandpa Cannon's house for dinner. We gave Grandma a copy of Paul Cardall's album that we got signed yesterday for her gift.  She loved it and I was surprised that she knew who he was!
It was great spending time with my little family and also with my side of the family. 


Meeting Paul Cardall

 Tanner got to meet an amazing man today!
Paul Cardall was doing a CD signing and we just had to go. Paul is a professional pianist and has may albums. I first met him when he played a piece at Mia's funeral a couple years ago. He is also a Heart Kid. He had a heart transplant maybe 6 or 7 years ago (I think?). 
He is such an wonderful and nice guy. They spoke about their special hearts and he even unbuttoned his shirt and they showed each other their zippers. He also spoke to Tanner about how Jesus has scars  as well and that they are like Him.
It was a wonderful experience to see Paul again and for Tanner to be able to meet such a great role model in the Heart World.


Soccer Skills

 Tanner started a 4 week soccer skills class. It is not an actual soccer team, it is a little class where the coach teaches different soccer moves and gets the kids comfortable playing.
He has been having so much fun and getting pretty good with the ball. We are excited to see what happens when we put him on a team in the fall!


Swimming with the Family

 We went swimming as a family for the first time at the West Valley Fitness Center. It is such a fun pool with a really shallow area for little kids, a lazy river and a big water slide.
Tanner was pretty spooked at first and slowly opened up and got more comfortable. The first time around the lazy river he was clinging so tightly to Kollin and me, but after that he loosened up a little. He even got to the point of going under the splash pad type fixtures that dropped water on you by himself! I hope he gets more confident since we are putting him into swimming lessons this summer!
Chase did really well and seemed pretty comfortable. He got really cold though. Poor guy.
Overall it was really fun to play in the water with the boys. I hope they grow to love the water as much as Kollin and I did as kids!