First Time to Lagoon for the Boys

It was Lagoon Day for my work and we decided to take the kids and also invite Aunt Sava and Uncle Shawn.
Everyone had so much fun! It was great being able to see the boys react to their first rides and how much fun they had. They didn't want to leave at the end of the night!
Everyone also made me go on a couple of the new rides. I'm not that into crazy roller coasters anymore for some reason... But I guess they were ok. haha
We can't wait to go back and also when the boys are bigger when they will be able to go on the big rides with us. Maybe then I'd be more into the big roller coasters again.


Fun at Tanner's Soccer Games

After moving Tanner to the other soccer team he did much better! He had so much fun and did so well.
It was really fun going to his games and having the grandparents come to watch as well.
One game was pretty wet. It was really fun that they didn't cancel it and we got to play around in the rain. Eventually it started raining too much so the game was shortened.
At his last game Tanner made 2 goals! He was so proud of himself and we were so happy for him! I am so glad that he ended up really liking to play and not moping around on the field anymore. We're excited to see what the next season brings.


Swimming Lessons

Well, the second session of swimming lessons this summer have already begun. Tanner passed is previous class and got to move up a level for this new session! I also enrolled Chase into the beginner class to see how he'd do.
Tanner is doing so well and gaining so much confidence. He loves to wear his goggles and will now actually go all the way under the water and hold his breath for a few seconds by himself. He will also walk out to a pretty deep (for him) area of the pool by himself without having to hold onto someone or something. It is so great!
Chase is also doing really well so far. I was worried that he would refuse to go with the instructor and I would have to get in the pool with him, but that hasn't happened! He has done really well staying with his instructor and not crying for me. So far she has gotten him to put his face in the water and blow bubbles, and also floating on his belly and back with her help. It is so much more than I was expecting so early in the lessons.
I love that my boys are finally starting to love the water!


Great Grandpa Richen's Birthday

We went and celebrated Great Grandpa Richens' birthday at The Coffee Shop at the Little America. Everyone who was in town was there (but Kollin, stupid job) and had a good time. We talked about Grandpa, ate great food and the kids had so much fun together as always.
Before we ate, as we were sitting in the waiting area to be seated Tanner noticed Trax going by outside. Both he and Chase got so excited and Chase actually started jumping for the first time! I had to take a video and send it to his therapist to show her. She was so excited!
We also noticed that Ben and Tanner were unintentional twinners! I love how all these cute cousins are such buddies and can have fun no matter where they are.
Happy Birthday Grandpa!