Happy Father's Day!

Fathers are great. I could never ask for a better dad than my own wonderful, caring and devoted father. He has always been there for me through the happy and hard times in my life. I love him so much and have been so blessed that I was chosen to be his daughter. He has always been such a hard worker and has always worked many many hours in a week. Despite all of that, he has always found time to spend with us kids. I know of many fathers that are total work-aholics and it has had negative impacts on their children. I have never felt that way with my dad. Even with how much he has worked in order for his family to have a good home, I have never felt that he chose work over his family. Whenever he would be home from work, he always took the time to play with us, take us out for bike rides, camping, fishing and all types of other things. I am sure Tanner is going to feel the same way about his daddy. Kollin works a lot too, to make sure that we also have a good home. I know Tanner will always know that his mom and dad are there for him 100%.
I could never ask for a better father or father to my baby. Happy Father's Day to all the daddies and grandpas in my life!
little girl
baby love
P.S. I just realized after I had this post all ready is that this is the first Father's Day Kollin actually has his child with him! All of the other Father's Days for the past few years he has never had The Little Man to spend the holiday with. So happy that he has Tanner to make his day even better this year!



Scottish Festival 2011

We have been so excited to take Tanner to his first Scottish Festival! We have been talking about since we first found out we were expecting. It finally happened! The Scottish Festival comes every June at Thanksgiving Pointe. Last year wasn't very fun. I was pretty sick with morning sickness, and the weather was terrible and cold. But we went anyway. This year the sun was out, there was a cool breeze and it wasn't too hot or too cold. Loved it! Our friend Tommy was competing in the Highland Games, so we went and found him and his cute little family, Jessie and Lilli. This was the first time we saw their daughter Lilli. She is over a year now and such a cutie. I felt so bad that we hadn't seen her before this!
After we lathered up with sunscreen we went on the hunt for a baby kilt and sporran for Tanner. This was our only mission this year. Mission accomplished!
Tanner's sporran matches Daddy's exactly. Soooo cute! I could just melt when I look at the two of them all dressed up. I am totally getting some better pictures sometime too.
I am very happy that I got a video of these guys this year. There are a bunch of different bagpipe bands marching around and playing all through the Festival. It is pretty much all you can hear the entire time is bagpipes and drums.
Sorry if you don't like bagpipes, but we think it is the most awesome sound!


Best model ever

I decided I would have a little photo shoot with Tanner today. So much fun!

4 Months Old

4 months have come and gone since this fit in my belly.
He's growing way too fast!
Tanner is such a good baby. Anyone that meets him always comments on how mellow and content he is. We all think that it is probably because the first three weeks of his life were pretty stressful and all of his "difficult cards" have been used.
His fussiness from when he turned 3 months hasn't really changed. He still likes altitude adjustments and will not let me sit down or stop moving while he is in one of his moods. Luckily this really doesn't happen that much in my opinion.
He has also had some really fun and exciting developments this last month:
He is getting really squirmy. If he doesn't like the position he is being held in, he will squirm around and make it quite difficult to hold onto. I'm just happy no one's dropped him! He is also starting to squirm while we are changing his diaper and feeding him his bottle. Oh well. Guess it had to come at some point!
He has also been starting to do a lot of baby babble. His main "words" right now are screeching like a raptor, babbling with his tongue out and my favorite, "goi goi goi goi." If I say it back to him we will repeat each other for a while. I have yet to get it on video, but I'm working on it!
He's found his feet. One thing that is funny about this, is he will toot every now and then when he bends in half to grab his feet. Cutest thing right now, but I'm sure it won't be very appreciated when he's older.... hehehe.
He doesn't especially like to fall asleep in my arms right now. I think he's figured out that if I hold him in a certain way, I may just be trying to get him to fall asleep. Since he fights me tooth and nail to fall asleep, it can be a little hard on some nights. Just lately though, after screaming in my arms for a while, he will quiet right down and fall asleep within minutes if I put him in his swing. Silly little bugger.
Weight: 12 lbs 8.5 oz
Length: 23 inches
You and your daddy are the loves of my life! Just stop getting bigger every time I look at you.