10 Months Old!

Well that month went by fast! It seems like you just turned 9 months a week ago. I'm trying to remember anything new that happened with you this month but it's all a bit of a blur. Hopefully I'll come up with some memories as I'm writing....

To start off, you are now saying "hi" and "hey." It is pretty funny. One day when Daddy and I came into the room where you were you yelled out "HEY DA!" We couldn't believe it and laughed pretty hard at the same time. You love to use your voice. Right now I am listening to you screeching and babbling away in the kitchen as you are probably getting into something you shouldn't.

You are getting really sturdy on your feet, although you haven't tried to let go of anything to stand on your own yet. Which is ok with me! I love the crawling stage. You are still pulling yourself up and cruising along anything you can get your hands on. Which leads me to a story: 

The baby gate we have that keeps you from falling down the stairs is hard to keep in place. The baby gate is great, it's just the top of the stairs at this house has a railing on one side and a hand rail on the other side. So there is not a sturdy wall to set up the gate. With this being said, we constantly have to adjust it and tighten it back up after people knock into it. The other day I had a nail appointment and my client used it to pull herself up the stairs. It came completely off and I am just glad it didn't cause her to fall! After that I was so sick of it I just kept it off and put it away. For the first couple days you did really well at not getting too close to the stairs. But a day or so ago it seemed like you were taunting Daddy and me. It seems when we don't pay attention you don't go near it, but when we are watching you closely and worried about you falling down the stairs (Daddy), you edge your way closer and closer. You stood up holding onto the hand rail and just stood there smiling and giggling at us. We went over so I could take some pictures of how mischievous you are. All of the sudden you took a step to your side and your foot went off the edge. As you started to fall Daddy lunged forward and caught you by the arm. At the same time he really rammed his toe into the railing on the other side and really hurt himself. I grabbed you so you wouldn't go down with him and all was well. The look of terror on your face was priceless though. I think you were more afraid of seeing your Daddy move so fast than actually starting to fall though. I don't think I've ever seen him move so fast! Now his toe is all black and blue and he has you to thank for it. We are just so glad that he saved you from falling. Although the next day you did end up falling down the stairs, but you were fine shortly after. 

You are finally starting to eat more solids. You've been doing very well with bread, baby puffs and anything else small enough we can give you. You also love to come up and beg for the food on mine and Daddy's plates. You have had some pizza, grilled cheese sandwich, chimichanga, crackers, peaches and had about 1/4 of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Things are coming along well although you still gag and choke on the stage 3 baby foods that have chunks. I think you are still trying to just swallow instead of chew it up a little. We'll get there. Over the past week you are now able to pick up small pieces of food and feed yourself. But that has also caused you to pick up anything you can find on the floor and also put in your mouth. The other day I caught you with one of those helicopter leaves in your mouth!

You are giving me a crazy challenge trying to get you to drink from a sippy cup though. I am trying to plan ahead for when I wean you that it will hopefully be a smooth transition. You have not willingly taken a bottle since you were 6 months old and only nurse. So it has been hard. Over the last day or so you are finally more willing to take the sippy cup. You won't suck and drink, but you will chew on it and get milk that way. You won't push it away as much, so that's a small improvement.

Your two top front teeth have popped though and you look so cute with your 4 front teeth! No others are showing yet. You are getting the hang of chewing, and also biting Daddy and me out of nowhere. Meany.

Still in size 3 diaper and you are wearing anywhere from a 3-6 months to 9 months clothes. Depending on the brand depends on how well it fits. 

You are so loved, little boy!

Mommy and Daddy