Tanner went Bonk

The boys and I went to the gym so I could go running today. I dropped them off at the day care and went up to the track. I didn't even get 3 minutes into my run when I could have sworn I heard my name over the PA system. I could barely hear it since I was listening to music on my head phones. I thought I heard something along the lines of "Allison Stark" and "day care."
So I left the track and walked right over to the day care. My mind was racing as to what could have been wrong, but it never crossed my mind that someone was actually hurt. I got in there and the 3 daycare ladies were all around Tanner sitting in a rocking chair with a paper towel on his head and blood all over his face. They moved the paper towel to reveal this big cut on his head!
They said that they didn't even see what happened because everything was supposedly fine. From what they could get out of Tanner is he was pushing a big toy car around and ran right into the corner of the table. The reason they didn't even know it happened was because he never cried. He just went over to a corner of the room and sat down. When one of the women went to investigate why it got so quiet all of the sudden she thought he had a bloody nose. But when she got closer is when she saw he actually had a cut.
I told them it is completely normal for Tanner to run away and hide. I said if he ever stumbles or hurts himself at home he gets really embarrassed  and does not like to be the center of attention. So when people ask him if he is ok he yells at us to not look at him or talk to him. So since it happened at day care, he went and hid because he's not as familiar with them as he is with family and didn't want to bring unwanted attention to himself.
After I got there a few more people showed up. A life guard from the pool came over and did some basic first aid so it would stop bleeding and got it bandaged. And another lady came who I am assuming was probably someone over the entire fitness center to fill out an accident report. She asked me if I was ok since I was just sitting there being quiet letting the life guard do his thing. I told her this was nothing after what we had been through with Tanner's heart and with Chase's penny! It was pretty funny and probably strange for her to see a parent so calm I guess.
Everyone kept apologizing and I kept reassuring them that everything was ok and that it happens. That I am not one of those crazy parents that is going to sue you because my child hurt himself on their property. 4 year olds get hurt. Totally normal in my book! I understand they felt terrible and it was very nice and professional how they handled the entire incident.
We went back the next day so I could actually finish my workout that I missed out on and Tanner was just fine to go back.
On to the stitches!
Tanner never started crying until I told him that we had to go see the doctor to see if he needed stitches or not. With his obvious fear of doctors, he was pretty scared and was the first time he shed a tear.
I was able to get an appointment at our pediatrician's office right away and we saw the same Dr that helped us when Tanner was very sick back in March as well as who helped us with Chase and the penny incident! It's pretty funny that it is always Dr Crowell that sees us for injuries or illness when he isn't even our regular doctor.
Dr Crowell thought it would be best to either glue the cut or stitch it. He said it was such a beautiful and straight cut that gluing it would go really well. The only issues is with Tanner's age he may pick at it and pop it open, and also gluing wounds shut tend to leave worse scars. So I opted for 3 stitches so he wouldn't be able to pick it open and it would scar better since it's on his face.
They gave him the shot to numb him up and that was the only other time he cried. I know from experience that those shots sting, and I felt so bad to put him through that.
While Dr Crowell was doing the stitches Tanner was doing so well! Until he saw the thread, which kind of made him freak out and squirm a little bit. Little weirdo. He squirmed so much the middle stitch had to be redone but other than that he was great!
He sure is such a brave kid and tough as nails!


IHH Birthday Party and Pumpkin Patch

We went to this year's IHH Birthday Party which was at Petersen Family Farm.
We climbed all over some tractors, played in the corn pit, picked out our pumpkins for Halloween, went through a mini corn maze, chased chickens, went down a huge slide and crawled through a tunnel under the slide and got thoroughly covered in hay. The boys wore their Halloween costumes and they both had so much fun!
Thank you for the fun night IHH!