Cannon Family Pictures 2013

This year we were finally able to get some new family pictures taken! Everyone was finally in town at the same time and I was the only one being pregnant. So at least this picture will be mostly up to date for hopefully a while.

We went to Busath and Gwen and picked out some really great outfits that fit together well. It was pretty interesting getting 14 adults and 8 children ages 5 and under to cooperate! Almost all of the kids actually did really well. Poor little Miranda was not having it though. She was having a hard time adjusting to the time change from her home that there wasn't much that could make that sweet girl happy. 

After the pictures we all went and had dinner at Hires. It was fun to have all of us together to be able to visit and hang out more while Libby, Russell and the kids were in town. Surprisingly they are the only ones that don't live in Utah right now!

Christmas 2013

Christmas Day was a great day! I took more videos than I did pictures, so sorry there isn't as much documentation as I would like.

When Tanner first came down the hallway to the living room and saw his presents, the first word out of his mouth was "woaw." And then he crawled up on the couch where his presents were and dove into the largest one.

Kollin and I had so much fun watching him open his presents and I am sure he had just as much fun doing the opening. He also had to help everyone else open their presents as well. We've reached that stage!

After everything was opened and played with we had breakfast downstairs with Grandma Stark, Troy and Crystal. Then we went over to Great Grandma Norman's house and visited for a little while.

Afterwards we went to Great Grandma and Grandpa Richens' house for more presents and dinner like we do every year. And every year Tanner's favorite part of the entire day is their choo choo train that goes under their tree.

We hung out there for most of the day visiting and playing then eventually went home and finally relaxed. It was a great day.

Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas Eve this year we went to my Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff's house for the big Cannon party. This was most likely going to be the last one as a big extended family now that Grandma of the Great has passed away and everyone is probably just going to start celebrating with their own families. 

After Mary and Jeff's we went to Grandma and Grandpa Cannon's for some more partying and presents. We also did hand prints on aprons for Grandma and Grandpa.

Sorry the pictures are out of order. 
Grandpa reading a Christmas book to all the grandkids.
Playing some bell songs with Grandpa and cousin Andrew.
The Christmas PJ's! (Miranda was in bed already)

Weekend at the Homestead

Over the weekend of the 20th and 21st my family when to the Homestead to celebrate my mom. It is still so weird to think she has been in Heaven for 10 years.  It was so nice to be able to spend some time with my dad and siblings just to focus on her.

The evening we got there (we arrived a few hours after everyone else since Kollin didn't get off work early enough) everyone was having a great dinner that all of them had participated in making. My dad made the entree, Clark and Megan made a salad, Libby made bread and sweet rolls and Becky made a whole bunch of cookies. All of the things they made were my mom's recipes that she used to always make. It was really nice to have a "home cooked meal" and so many reminders of my mom's food.

After dinner we went through old scrap books, talked about Mom and watched a little bit of a home video. All of the little kids but Tanner went to bed at a "normal" bed time. But I just let Tanner stay up and play until he crashed on his own... which he never did. I think Tanner and I ended up going to bed at 1am! All of our spouses crashed out on us early as well, so it was nice to just have my dad and siblings (and Tanner running around).

The next morning it was mine and Kollin's assignment to make breakfast. We chose to make this sausage, egg, cheese and tater tot casserole that we love and make quite often at home. I found the recipe on Pinterest months ago and it has turned into a favorite. Plus it was pretty quick and easy and didn't make a mess. We also brought cereal and yogurt in case the little kids didn't want the casserole. Everyone seemed to love it and I'm pretty sure almost everyone went back for seconds (I know I did).

After breakfast we took some great family pictures of most of us in our PJ's and hanging out on the couch. The pictures were perfect and exactly what my dad wanted.

After the pictures we packed up so we could be out of the condos by checkout time and headed over to swim in the pool before heading home. I remember these pools and hot tubs from my childhood. My entire dad's side of the family would come up to the Homestead sometimes and we would have so much fun!

I wasn't even planning on getting in and swimming, but was going to just sit on the edge with my legs in the hot tub since I can't get all the way in right now being pregnant. But when I was helping Tanner into the swimming pool I felt that it was so nice and warm I just couldn't stay out. I was still pretty jealous of everyone being able to get in the hot tubs inside and outside. I told Kollin we definitely need to go back when I'm not pregnant!

After swimming everyone headed home. It was such a fun and special weekend for me to be able to spend that time with my wonderful family.
Tanner enjoying some cereal.
We had deer outside our condos that morning!
Breakfast was a hit!
Aunt Bippy with all of the kids. I promise they really do love her!

Kollin sitting in one of the outdoor hot tubs. It was also snowing at the time. Perfect time to hot tub! So jealous!


10 years.

Ten years ago today the nightmare of your illness ended. 

You were healed and became whole again. 

Although you are not of this world anymore I know you are close and watching over my little family. 

People ask where Tanner got his red hair. 

I tell them some is from his daddy and Grandma Stark and the rest is through osmosis from his Grandma in Heaven who personally prepared him in heaven to come to us. 

I hope this new little boy will have some kind of sign that everyone will be able to see that you had a hand in his journey to my family. 

I love you Mommy and miss you forever! 



Fetal Echo

Today Kollin and I went to my fetal echo at the Riverton Primary Children's. I was pretty nervous, but not as bad as I was for my ultrasound for some reason. The appointment was in the morning so I think that helped in not giving me time to let the anxiety sink in and freak out like I did last time.

The entire echo went well. Although it was tense. The echo tech cannot tell you anything that she is seeing good or bad. So for the 30 or so minutes that she was taking images I tried to keep conversation going about random things to not have it just be an uncomfortable silence. She was really nice and very social so that helped ease my nerves.
After the echo the cardiologist Dr. Puchalski came in to talk to us about the results. I have met this man a few times and have absolutely adored him each time. I have sometimes thought about switching Tanner to him but I also love Dr. Minich so we'll see what happens in the future.

Anyway! He came in and told us that everything looks wonderful and all of the images that were taken could not be more beautiful. So this means our baby has a Healthy Heart!

Kollin asked him a really good question of what the accuracy of the echo is. Dr. Puchalski said it is about 96% accurate, so we only have about a 4% chance of something that was missed and the baby still being born with a CHD. There are also CHD's that don't show up until after birth so we wouldn't be able to know about those right now anyway.

But as of right now we are happy and relieved! I think I can stay calm and not so scared for a few more months until the birth comes closer.


George J Cannon Christmas Party 2013

This may be the last year that this family Christmas party is happening. We all took a vote if we wanted to keep it in December, or move it to the summer time. We will see what happens!  
Tanner did so good with Santa! When his name was called to get his present I walked him up front and he walked the rest of the way to Santa all by himself!
And of course he got another train.

Festival of Trees 2013

This is the first year that I have gone to the Festival of Trees probably since Jr. High. We went to go and see our Heart Buddies' trees and wreaths and to just have a fun time. I think we need to start doing this every year!
Tanner was pretty excited to see the "twees"
This is our sweet Mia's tree who passed away last year.
Our Heart Friend Matthew's family does a wreath every year. So pretty!
Daddy just had to get a picture in front of this tree with the firetrucks and flashing lights!
Sweet little Joshua's tree. He passed away at the beginning of this year.
Another of our Heart Friend's trees. I can't remember her name off the top of my head! Sorry! The theme was awesome though. All steam punk.
IHH's Tree. I am going to have to volunteer to help decorate this one one of these years!


Playing in the Snow.

There is finally enough snow to play in! Tanner was pretty excited to finally get out there. It was like a marathon trying to get him all bundled up, but once we got out there he was pretty excited. 
Helping Uncle Troy shovel the walks.


22 Weeks. Belly!

I have not been doing very well at documenting this pregnancy. Sorry!

I got some pretty cute pictures that I just had to post though.

This is me at 22 weeks! Just over half way! 
I ask Tanner where his brother is and he'll point at my belly. Then I ask if he wants to give his brother a kiss. He'll lift up my shirt and kiss him. So cute!
Bye bye feet!


Babysitting Cooper

Our Heart Buddy Cooper's mom and I have worked out a babysitting tradeoff deal. It is so nice to have a great babysitter for Tanner who I can trust and not have to search around!

This was our first time watching Cooper, and they had a blast!
They both love trains so this was a huge hit.
They did pretty good at sharing. There was an occasional hitting and grabbing, but we were able to work it out quickly.
Playing in this tent was pretty fun for them as well. Cooper would crawl in and call for Tanner to come join him. So cute!
TV break.
Snack time! Aubrie was saying Cooper may not eat but he chowed down on grapes, goldfish and raisins. I was happy with that!