Christmas 2013

Christmas Day was a great day! I took more videos than I did pictures, so sorry there isn't as much documentation as I would like.

When Tanner first came down the hallway to the living room and saw his presents, the first word out of his mouth was "woaw." And then he crawled up on the couch where his presents were and dove into the largest one.

Kollin and I had so much fun watching him open his presents and I am sure he had just as much fun doing the opening. He also had to help everyone else open their presents as well. We've reached that stage!

After everything was opened and played with we had breakfast downstairs with Grandma Stark, Troy and Crystal. Then we went over to Great Grandma Norman's house and visited for a little while.

Afterwards we went to Great Grandma and Grandpa Richens' house for more presents and dinner like we do every year. And every year Tanner's favorite part of the entire day is their choo choo train that goes under their tree.

We hung out there for most of the day visiting and playing then eventually went home and finally relaxed. It was a great day.

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