Another Thing People Make Fun of Me For...

For as long as I can remember, I have had this phobia of swallowing pills. I think it started when I was little, and I had to swallow pills for a bladder infection. My dad cut them in half, and one time, one got caught in my throat with the pointy corner scratching it. Ever since then, I have been the biggest baby when I would have to swallow any size of a pill. And if at all possible, I get chewables. Even the tiny little birth control pills I have issues with. What I have to do, is place a pill as far back on my tongue as possible, then take a sip of water. Then I site there from anywhere between 2 to 5 minutes just swishing it around in my mouth until I get the guts up, and my throat relaxes enough to gulp it down. People that have watched me do this get quite the kick out of it. Which of course, makes it that much harder. I can even deal with anything bigger than the normal size of Ibuprofen. And don't even get me started on the capsules with the powder in them. They float to the roof of my mouth, and that just freaks me out. I have no idea how I'm going to deal with prenatals if I ever have a kid! But I have heard that there are chewables of those.... With this being said, I had my Dr. appointment the other day for my asthma. With this insane inversion that we've had for the last little while, I've been pretty much dying. So, my Dr. prescribed me some Prednisone to open my airways back up, and get me over this hump so my asthma will be back under control. These pills aren't too big, probably a little smaller than the round Advil or Ibuprofen pills. The only issue with these, is they start to dissolve really fast! And they taste TERRIBLE. So, since I sit there forever just trying to gag them down, I end up with this disgusting taste in my mouth for at least the next 10 minutes afterwards. Even if I try to eat or drink something to chase it, the taste will still not go away. I have to take 4 of these suckers a day. I am not a happy camper! If it wasn't for the taste, I'd be ok. I have to give myself a pep talk just to get up the nerve to put it in my mouth (oh, and I can only do 1 pill at a time). Even sometimes after I have it in my mouth, and think I'm doing ok, my mind gets the best of me, and my throat closes up, and I literally spit the water and the pill all over wherever I'm at. Usually I'm in the bathroom, and it goes straight into the sink, so I don't feel so bad. You would think with me being such a sickly child, I would be used to this by now, and be able to take as many horse pills at once as needed! Nope, not I.


The Little Man

This last weekend, I went to Idaho with Kollin to go see his Little Man. Kollin didn't care what we did, as long as he just got to spend time with his son. We weren't there for long, but we sure had fun!


My sleeping buddies.

It is so nice to have a couple of furry creatures sleep with you. Especially in the middle of the winter, and your bedroom is in the basement, where it almost never warms up! Chloe always likes to sleep on my feet, or across my legs. She's a good little space heater. Also, when she knows it's time for me to wake up, she's really good at sticking her cold nose on my face, or trying to burrow under the blankets with me.But on the other hand... Sherpa... She thinks she's a person. She is always trying to push me off the bed, stealing my covers, rolling over on me, and today, when I woke up, she actually had her head on the pillow, and was pretty much spooning me! If it wasn't for her dog breath and claws, I wouldn't have complained, since she is super warm too.


Stupid frosted windows!

THIS is how lazy I am.... Getting off work at 4:30 in the morning, and the windows of my car are completely frosted over. I don't get out the window scraper... no.... I start my car and turn on the defrost full blast. Then go hang out in the smoke shack since there's a heater in there, and can still keep an eye on my running car.
Sure, I would have been able to start my drive home 10 minutes earlier if I had just scraped the windows. So just to prove, anyone that has called me lazy in the past... here's your proof!


My Reca.

I just wanted to introduce my friend Reca, and what I love about her! 1. She has been my best friend since my Sophmore year in high school. 2. She has always stuck with me through good and bad times. 3. In the bad times, she's not afraid to tell me how it is, and that I am an idiot. 4. I love the way she narrates her dogs' thoughts, and the voices she uses. 5. She is a wonderful wife and mother. 6. We are so alike, and also so different. I think that is why she is still able to put up with me. 7. She has MS, and sure, she gets pissy, but she has dealt with it so well and is not letting it ruin her life. 8. I love her family. Her mother, brothers, husband and kids. 9. She is always there to give me advice about anything. 10. Through all of the harships she has had in her life, she has come out the bigger and stronger person. I could probably go on with many more things I love about her, but I don't know if there's enough space on the internet to hold it all. So in a nut shell, I love her to bits, and she is my bestie!


It's been a while...

WOW! I am so incredibly sorry on how long it has been since I have added to this thing... Many things have happened and been going on in the last few (8) months. Well let's see where I left off... Hopefully all in the order that everything happened... The puppies all grew up and were all sold off to happy families. I moved to a new department at eBay, and I LOVE it! Cept the graveyard shift, but I deal. Car broke down. Rode the bus and TRAX to and from work (about an hour and a half one way) for about 3 months. Onyx and Sherpa go into it again, so we decided to put Onyx down. Very VERY sad day, but it was for the best. I had a sister and a step-sister get married. About a kajillion of my friends got married.
-I was a bride's maid for one of them. w00t!
I have a new nephew.
I have gone to 3 concerts: - Marilyn Manson - Rob Zombie
- Flyleaf
I got divorced. (no comments from the peanut gallery please, we are both doing great and happy.)
Daddy sold me a car! Yay! I got to meet my new nephew!
The holiday season came and went. ... Yup, that's about it....
I'm sure I'll be keeping this updated better now. I have many great and wonderful adventures coming up and going down.
Until then, Cheers!