My sleeping buddies.

It is so nice to have a couple of furry creatures sleep with you. Especially in the middle of the winter, and your bedroom is in the basement, where it almost never warms up! Chloe always likes to sleep on my feet, or across my legs. She's a good little space heater. Also, when she knows it's time for me to wake up, she's really good at sticking her cold nose on my face, or trying to burrow under the blankets with me.But on the other hand... Sherpa... She thinks she's a person. She is always trying to push me off the bed, stealing my covers, rolling over on me, and today, when I woke up, she actually had her head on the pillow, and was pretty much spooning me! If it wasn't for her dog breath and claws, I wouldn't have complained, since she is super warm too.

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