Squirmy Worm

Back in the old days when I was a kid (6), my family had one of those old bouncy chair things. Cept it didn't bounce. It was solid. When my little sister was about 6 weeks old (I think?) they had her on the kitchen table so she could see and my mom could see her while she was working around the kitchen. That kid was such a wiggle wart that she bounced herself off the table, landing face down with the chair still strapped to her. I remember hearing the bang. And the scream. She had cracked her scull. All of us went to the ER. I remember my parents crying. She ended up being just fine and is one of the most beautiful and smart girls I know. But lesson learned. Never again did my parents EVER put that thing anywhere but on the floor. Fast forward to now days.... We have a couple of bouncy chairs that are battery operated. They bounce, vibrate and play music. And they have big rubber no skid feet. Although they are pretty much impossible to scoot anywhere without lifting them up, weather Tanner is in them or not, I still freaked out on Kollin when he had put him in it on top of the kitchen counter one day. I know Tanner wasn't going anywhere since these things are much safer than they used to be. And also Kollin was always within an arm's length. However, Tanner has not been back on any surface but the floor since then. I think I scared Kollin a little... Sorry Baby. I guess that experience with my sister was a little traumatic. With all of that said, I don't think these are bouncy enough for Tanner's liking. He has always been kind of squirmy, but today he reached a new high: Don't worry, I grabbed him before he completely fell out. He is now sitting next to me on the couch like this: I have had to adjust him about 15 times just while typing this.

I am scared to death when he is going to start rolling over more (he is rolling both left and right from front to back now), and he is going to roll himself right off the bed or something while I have my back turned for just a couple seconds. That is the way I always hear it happens. "I didn't know he could do that!" "I only looked away for a couple seconds!"

I guess we'll see what happens and not fret about it happening. Any kids that I have heard it happening to have all been just fine. Maybe a goose egg, and the parents feeling like failures, but fine. But wow! He is such a squirmy worm!


Tanner's Blessing

Today was a great day.
Tanner was blessed by my wonderful Uncle Stanford, who he is named after. So happy. Great Grandma Stark 4 Generations Just after the blessing. Stan said that as he was blessing Tanner, he felt him squirming a little bit. So he cracked his eyes open to see if he was getting fussy.
But Tanner was just beaming up at him with a huge smile! He knows how awesome his great uncle is. 4 Generations. 4 Generations Tanner got cousin Ben's finger!


Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is finally a good day for me this year. For the past 8 years it has been a bitter sweet day. The bitter part is that my mom has been gone, and this day has just been a reminder that I do not have her anymore in this life. The sweet part is that I have Gwen. The best step-mom, mom, grandma and mother figure that a girl could as for. This is my first Mother's Day as a mother. I could never explain how happy my little boy has made me and that I am so grateful that he is here. And there is of course the wonderful man that made me a mommy. I am so thankful that I have him in my life and that we have finally started our own little family together. Ok, I am totally crying now. Kollin just gave me my Mother's Day gift: I never realized that Tanner's birthstone is the amethyst (purple). The interesting thing about this is, Kollin's birthstone is the ruby (red), and mine is sapphire (blue). Red + Blue = Purple! If you are expecting your first child, have young or old children, if you are a grandma or even if you are in Heaven. Happy Mothers Day to all of you beautiful mommies out there!


Are those my feet?

I don't know, but I think Tanner is finding his feet! I was watching him in his swing and he had kicked his blanket off (which he always does), and looked like he was completely concentrating on his feet moving and kicking. Not sure if that is really what he was doing. Guess I'll see if he keeps doing it over the next few days!


Bippy done got herself gradjimitated!

My sister Becky graduated today from the University of Utah!

We ate at Mazza after. Yay for cousins!

Tanner sitting next to me as I ate. So cute!


3 Months Old

I know I keep saying it... but 3 months already?! Tanner is still a sweetie pie. A very happy baby most of the time. He has started to get a little on the fussier side if Mom or Dad is not in sight. And also just out of the blue he will start to scream and cry and I have not been able to figure out why yet. Sometimes he is able to be calmed down with an altitude adjustment. Other times it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out what he is wanting or how he wants to be held or bounced or rocked.... you get the idea. He is sleeping through the night pretty much now. He'll fall asleep anywhere between 9 and midnight and sleep until 6 or 8 in the morning. That is just fine with me! Good job kid! He is having a lot of fun playing with his hands and sucking on them. Sometimes he puts them so far in his mouth he'll gag a little. At least he's learning! He has even learned to roll over. He has been doing it for a while, but I just haven't been able to catch a video of it til the other day. As I was getting him ready for his picture today, he fell asleep. I was able to style his hair and catch some pretty cute pictures of him as he was snoozing away. Then he woke up and I was able to get the cutie picture up top! Weight: 10lbs 3oz (last week at the Doctor's, we don't have a 3 month appointment) I love you more and more every day Tanner Bug! xoxo mama