Jingle Bell Rap

I got this dog from my aunt and uncle a few years back. Yay for musical stuffed animals for Tanner!


Thanksgiving Basketball

Every year on Thanksgiving, my family plays an exhausting game of basketball early in the morning. This was the first year Kollin was able to participate and the first year Tanner attended (of course).

Kollin had a blast playing and Tanner and I spent the entire time out of bounds out of harms way visiting and playing with the other ladies and young kids that came.

When everyone was starting to leave, Tanner was finally let loose to go play some ball.
 Then he decided he had a good seat at the center court line to just watch.
 He figured he'd go after that ball again when he had the entire floor to himself.
It was so much fun! Can't wait for next year!

Happy Thanksgiving!



Happy Heart

We did it!
We are officially married.
Kollin called me his wife today and it actually stunned me a little bit.
It almost made me cry because it made me so happy to realize that I am his wife and he is my husband!

Here are some pictures we snapped with my camera, so they are pretty rough. I can't wait to get the others back and see them. So excited!

Kollin's boutonniere I made.
 My veil that I also made.
 The ring bearer pillow. Yup! Made that too.
 Tanner's boutonniere. Also made by me.
(he got a little restless during the ceremony)
 My bouquet. You guessed it. Made that too.
 Something Old.
My pearl necklace that my mom and dad gave me when I was 8.
 Something New.
My rings!
 Something Borrowed.
My mom's ring that my sister now has.
 Something Blue.
 My sister Bippy and me.
 Our cute little family.
Tanner also wore a kilt, but this was near the end of the night and he was so done.
(baby kilt pictures to come!)
 Husband and Wife!
It was a beautiful wedding and I can't even describe how happy and full of joy and peace I am about this.
Kollin is literally the man of my dreams and he has shown me that fairy tales can come true.

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."
- Dr. Seuss

I love you!



9 Months Old

I guess this age is a bit of a milestone. He's been out as long as he was in. Ha!


Everyone is always saying how mellow and happy he always is. I guess we just got lucky. Or I say that he is making up for the first few weeks of his life.

Other than having his first (wow) cold this last week and a little on the fussier side, he has been a complete joy to spend my days with. So happy-go-lucky.

Some other fun and interesting things that happened this last month:

He had a follow up appointment with his cardiologist and everything went swimmingly. She is very happy with what she is seeing and hearing.

He had surgery this last month as well. I am so happy and proud of how well he has done and still is doing.

We put him in his bouncy swing for the first time and he seemed like he's liking it so far. This was before his surgery and we haven't dared to put him back in it yet and make sure he is completely healed. But he has been bouncing a lot when he is on his feet. So I'm sure he'll love it when we put him back in it.

He has been doing the army crawl for a long time and has just recently gotten up on his knees! It is so cute to see. I've captured some video of it, just haven't uploaded yet.

And of course, shortly after he started to officially crawl, he went and stood up! He pulls himself up onto anything he can reach, and has also let go a couple of times and stayed standing for a few seconds. Grandma says he'll be walking by Christmas. So exciting! But so sad!

His first Halloween has also come and gone. It was a lot of fun! I went with him to Grandma Stark's work and went trick or treating so she could show him off to all of her co-workers. Then Dad and I went with him up to Grandma of the Great Cannon's and saw the Talking Pumpkin (I'll have to get some video sometime to help explain). Then we all went to Grandma and Grandpa Cannon's and hung out with them. Everyone just loved his costume and that both Dad and I dressed up with him.

One thing that he is currently doing (as we speak) is crawling over to the dog food and water. That apparently is his new favorite thing. I always catch him just before he reaches it and he gets all mad at me.

I could also swear that I can feel (and kinda see) a 3rd tooth! It is one of his top fangs, not a top front. I guess that is to be expected because of his mom and dad?

He has also been babbling a lot more. Still says "ba ba ba" a lot and has also started whispering it, so cute! He probably started this in his 8th month but he has also been growling, and fake coughing. Just recently though he has started grunting. It's funny because I can never tell if he is just doing it because it's a new thing to do, or if he's pooping. HA! He has also been starting to make that clicking sound with his tongue and saying "Mama" again. He hasn't said it for a while lately, so I'm very happy he's saying it again!

I am still so happy to have him in my life and be able to see how strong and resilient he is especially after this last month.
Weight: 17 lbs 2 oz
Length: 27 inches
You are a part of my heart beating on the outside of my body. I love you.



Our little Wizard of Oz family.

We got this idea when we were in LA for Tanner's surgery.

In the hallway on the way to ward he was in there were plaques all over with pictures thanking the surgeons and their teams.

One of the pictures was a little baby in a Tin Man costume.

When Kollin and I saw it, we thought it was perfect because of his heart!

So, Ta-Da!