Easter 2016

 Easter was pretty fun this year. A few days before we dyed our eggs. Chase actually got a little bit involved in the process this year.
Easter morning the boys got up and found all of the hidden eggs and baskets that the Easter Bunny hid. They loved it! 
I had to go to work that night, but Kollin and the boys went to Grandma and Grandpa Cannon's house for more egg hunting and dinner. They said they had lots of fun and always love playing with their cousins. 


FanX 2016

 Kollin and I decided to go to FanX this year! Kollin had the week off of work and Kate Beckinsale was there for photo ops and autographs. Kollin couldn't pass that up.
She was so pretty and nice although we only said maybe 5 words to each other since they were moving everyone through so fast. I really need to work on my smile with these braces though!
It was a really fun experience to see so many people dressed up in cosplay costumes. The next time we go I really want to put together a great costume. 


2 Years Old

 Not so much of a baby anymore are we?
You, my busy, busy son.... It is hard to believe our baby is two!
You've been making some pretty great leaps and bounds these last few months.
We had you evaluated for speech therapy and they found that you are about 4 months behind in your speech. As well as about 4 months behind in some of your motor skills too, which I wasn't expecting. So we started speech therapy and your therapist (Becky) is saying you are doing amazingly well! She wanted us to start using sign language with you, but you got more and more mad when we would try that we kind of bagged that idea. It still doesn't seem like you say much to me, but she says that you have improved so much session to session and especially comparing how you are now from when we started is so much different. So that is great!
You are now saying "HI!" to just about anyone you see. Which is huge. It took you quite a while to do that. You have also been starting to wave and say "bye" to people little by little. You also say: ah duh (all done), I duh (I stuck), ah gah (all gone), down, up (kind of), blah blah blah (if you've seen Hotel Transylvania 2, you know what I mean), dah (dog) and ball. Most of your words are "d" and "g" sounds, but you put different accents and stresses on your words that they all sound different where we can finally start to understand what you are saying. You have also started saying "uh oh" again which you hadn't said for a very long time. Also you so "Oooooo" and "Ahhhh" a lot which is the cutest thing.
You're still pretty aggressive. If you want something you usually won't give up until you can get your hands on it. And if it's something you're not supposed to have you will go as fast as your little legs will carry you away from who is trying to get it from you. Just today you swiped Harold the helicopter from Tanner and you actually ran through the kitchen and down the hall with Tanner right behind you. We were all laughing so hard! I tried to get you to do it again so I could get a video, but of course it didn't happen. You are still pinching every now and then, which is an improvement. A new one that is recent is you throw things at us if you feel you're not getting your way or not being heard. Or even if you are just excited, so I really don't mean to make it sound all bad. Sorry! Usually it is your tablet or a hard toy that hurts. Of course.
You are getting pretty fast, which is great for your motor skills. We have also been working on getting you to walk up and down stairs without turning around and crawling as well a jumping. You are doing great with the stairs inside the house, but you get nervous with the cement stairs outside and still crawl down those (which I don't blame you). No jumping yet, but it is so cute to watch you try and believe that you are jumping. It will happen soon!
You still love cars and anything with wheels, bubbles, balls, coloring and anything that will make a mess. You also got some new power tools and a lawn mower that blows bubbles for your birthday. You love both! The weather hasn't been that great, so you've been playing with the lawn mower in the house and you and Tanner have so much fun with it.
You are now in a size 4 diaper, 2T shirts and 18 month pants (some are getting short) and
  6 1/2 shoe. I personally think you are only a 6 though, because the 6 1/2's we got you after having your feet measured just seem so huge on you.
Weight: 23.12 pounds
Height: 35 inches
(ok, this is crazy. You weigh  little more than Tanner at 2, but a little taller than him at 3!! What?!? Very tall and very skinny.)
Happy Birthday you sweet and busy boy! So sad that our baby is growing up. But just so you know, you'll always be our baby!
MOM and Da

Chase's 2nd Birthday

 We had some fun today for Chase's birthday, as well as took it easy. Since I had to go to work that night we went out to breakfast at IHOP. Then during the day we just hung out and opened presents.
He got some sidewalk chalk, some new power tools, a fort building kit and a lawn mower that blows bubbles as you push it. He was pretty excited!
The fort building kit is a success!