Heart Camp 2013

This year's Heart Camp was really fun. The theme was circus and they had lots of carnival type games all the kids could play. Tanner was old enough this year to be able to get into the activities better and I'm sure he had a bunch of fun.

But also, camping with a 2 1/2 year old wasn't too easy either. But we got through it and overall it was a fun experience. Can't wait until next year!
Fishing for prizes
All of the prizes were Heart themed. Of course!
Ring toss
This one was his FAVORITE. You shoot ping pong balls off of golf tees with a squirt gun.
Bean bag toss
Chasing bubbles with Daddy


Two and a Half Years Old!

You, my child.
Need to stop growing!
I know, I know. I saw that every time.

You are growing and learning so much. You are making me so so proud of you.
You have so many words now I have lost track of them and how many there are.
You still aren't speaking in sentences and probably the only people that can understand you are the ones that are around you a lot. But that's ok!
I was a little worried about your speech, but I have decided to get over it and that you will talk when you are good and ready and feel like it. I have needed to learn to just let it go and let it happen.
One word in particular that is my absolute favorite  is when you say "abay." This is your response to when we say "I love you." It is so cute and sweet, I just hope it means something close to "I love you too."
You are also a very typical 2 year old. Tantrums and all.
I still don't think your moods swings are that bad. I have seen worse and I feel so blessed that you have been such a joy no matter how much of a turn your being.
Your favorite movies are still Cars (1 and 2), Toy Story (1,2 and 3). You have also branched out to like Rise of the Guardians, Hotel Transylvania and Wreck it Ralph.
You still love your balls, cars and trains.
You are surprisingly still taking naps pretty regularly! I was getting worried when you turned 2 that you were starting to grow out of them, but you have been doing great lately. 
You wear a size 5 shoe (still), 2T shirt (they are still a little big) and 18 month pants (the length is good but way WAY too big in the waist that you always have to wear a belt).
Weight: 24.8 lbs
Height: 33 3/4 inches

We love you more all the time and we are so proud of the little boy you are becoming!

xoxox Mom and Da

Lake Powell 2013

This year Kollin wasn't able to come to Lake Powell with us. So I was a single parent for a week on a houseboat. I never ever EVER want to do that again! It was still fun though.... Here's some pictures!

We're on our way!
He was such a good traveler.
Sitting in the middle of the channel trying to get phone service to call Kollin. His phone was acting up this week, so I wasn't able to get through to him.
He wasn't a fan of the life jacket.
This was the last day on the boat. He was DONE.
He finally zonked out next to Great Grandma Richens.
We have a picture exactly like this of my sister Becky at this age in this exact life jacket. We need to find it!
The first tantrum of the trip.
We even did train track of the day.
First day on the boat. Checking out the water with Great Grandma Richens.
Jet skiing with Grandma Cannon! He wasn't a fan at first but grew to love it.
Nap times were difficult.
Clinging onto me like a spider monkey.
Swimming with Grandma Cannon.
Murder Mystery Night. We were all fairy tale characters. I was Goldy Locks. (duh)
Breakfast with Grandpa Cannon.
Tanner LOVED this thing. We would take his life jacket off and he would "butt plop" into the water in the open area. Probably his favorite part of the trip.
Playing around with the camera.
Sliding down this slide was a little risky. But fun!
Tanner driving the houseboat... although we were docked.
Feeding the carp and catfish. Another favorite of the trip.
Chillin' on the oasis.
We thought this was pretty funny that he was reading the Ensign on Sunday.
Another nap time.
Feeding fish with Aunt Bippy.
This child was an extreme mamma's girl. Mom and Dad were able to sneak away and when they came back we had them peak through the window to see that she was actually doing well without Mom! Also, Quincy (baby) loved Tanner and me. We were some of the only other people on the boat she would go to all week. Tanner was not a fan.
Sleeping like Daddy.
Tanner did not like the baby messing with his choo choo's.
Tanner the Fly Slayer.
Quincy would sometimes corner Tanner. The look of terror on his face was priceless!
Grandma Cannon reading Tanner a book.
Cathedral Rock (I think?) was amazing. We had to jump in the water and climb up with waterfall (sorry so blurry). Then we would walk along the river to other waterfalls to climb up.
Then the only way down was to jump off the cliff.
I see hearts everywhere!
Waking up from a nap and snuggling with Grandma Cannon.
More playing on the oasis.
 All in all it was a really fun week. But I am still NEVER doing this again without Kollin. Or with a 2 1/2 year old for that matter.