Brighton Cabin

 We spent a day up at the family cabin with everyone that was able to make it. We had tin foil dinners which Tanner actually ate some of! Then we played for a while up in the loft with the cousins.
It's so fun to see these boys sitting and eating together. They're getting so big!
They discovered the marbles!
I have no idea how this started, but all of the boys started wrestling with Kollin. It was pretty funny to watch.


Maxi Dresses

I have looked everywhere to find a Maxi dress that I liked. I either never found one that had the look I wanted or it was way to expensive. So I decided to make my own!
This was the first one, so therefore not the best.
Getting a little better but still not perfect.
As good as it got and I love it!


Splash Pads

 This summer we had a few play dates at some splash pads. These places are so fun and Tanner is finally learning to love them!
Tanner and cousin Andrew.
These sprinkler looking ones are his favorite. He loves to run straight through them.
Taking a fruit snack break.


4th of July

We spent the 4th (well 3rd) of July at Grandma and Grandpa Richens' again this year. This was the first time Tanner did sparklers and had his first ice cream cone! I think he's a fan.
He made a mess, but it was so cute!
The boys all got glowsticks and were playing Star Wars in the dark.
Of course I see hearts everywhere.