Tanner's First Day of Kindergarten

I can't believe it!
We've been talking all summer about his new school and that he would have a new teacher and make new friends. He has been sounding really excited, but also says that he wants to go back to his old school and that he misses his old teachers.
When I dropped him off this morning he was so ready to go he almost jumped out of the car before I could even come to a stop. He remembered to kiss me goodbye and told me he loved me in Tanner language (Abay). And then he was off!
He didn't even turn around until I called to him so I could take some pictures.
After picking him up he told me about his day and that things went well and class was fun.
Funny story though that I have to document:
Apparently he got lost as he was following all the kids inside. From what I could understand from him is that he just followed all the kids and kept following whoever was in front of him not realizing they were in a different class. I'm not sure how he ended up getting to his correct classroom, if he realized it, or if a teacher noticed he wasn't in the right place but he eventually made it to Miss Cindy's classroom.
So funny!
So far so good though. We are all so excited to see what friends he will make and what he will learn this year!