Family Pictures 2012... oh, and it's my birthday

Well, I guess I have to admit it.

I'm 33.

Kollin let me open my birthday gift yesterday after it showed up in the mail.

I am in love!
Britta texted me today saying that as a birthday gift to me, our family photos were already ready! I was so excited we went and picked them up on our way out to dinner.

These are just some of them, but of course all of them are just amazing. Thank you again and again and again Britta!


2012 Family Pictures ~ sneak peak

We had our yearly family pictures taken today by my ever so talented step sister Britta.

No, these are not the pictures she took. These were just with my phone.

The ones she took will look so much better. I can't wait!

Well... At least he's sleeping


Cannon Family Bowling

Grandma and Grandpa Cannon invited everyone to go bowling the other day.

All of the adults had 2 lanes and the littles even had a lane all to themselves.

Tanner had so much fun and really got the hang of rolling the ball down the ramp. I think he even got a couple strikes! Like father like son!
After we were all done we went to eat at Apollo Burger. Tanner got his first taste of lemonade and loved it! I'm just sorry that I didn't get a picture or video of his first sip. It was priceless!


Finally made it to City Creek

There was a new mall that opened here in Salt Lake a little while ago.  It has been rumored to be quit beautiful. 
Kollin and I avoided going for the first while to avoid the new hype and crowds. We finally went in the afternoon on a Monday since Kollin has the entire week of my birthday off.

I had heard that the stores in it were higher end and way too pricey for our budget. That was so true. There is a Tiffany & Co., Rolex, Coach, Swarovski, Pandora and Porsche Design. Just to name a few.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see "normal" stores that we could afford. Like Gap, Fanzz, Disney Store (yay!), Express and American Eagle.

There was a food court that seemed like they only served mostly Asian foods. Which is great! Although Kollin was in the mood for a burger so it was slim pickings for us. The play area they have in there was super fun and Tanner loved it.
We walked across the Sky Bridge a couple times and just strolled around just taking everything in.
I would have to agree that it is definitely a very beautiful place. Even to just walk around and not shop if you don't want to.


Dinosaurs, Horses and Cows! Oh My!

Tanner and I got to go to Thanksgiving Point with Grandma Cannon, Aunt Britta and the boys today.

We went to the dinosaur museum and farm country.

I was wondering if Tanner would have fun and be interested with the dinosaurs. Not wondering anymore! He had a blast with being able to play with so many things while there. We will definitely have to go back soon.

The first room we went into had a bunch of things that made different sounds. He loved putting the head phones on and rocking out to the drums. Also the head phones with the bat ears, which I guess made everything sound the way a bat would hear? Those were just too cute to pass up.
There was a really cool cave that the little kids could go into. It was the perfect size for them, but I had to get down on all fours. 
We played in some water that had sand in it to be able to make dams and islands and to bury dinosaurs on/in. Tanner loved just chucking the dinosaurs into the water and making them splash.
And of course we saw lots and lots of bones, as well as a little buddy that Tanner loved to climb on.
We also got to be archaeologists in a huge sand pit and uncover dinosaur bones.
 And apparently the boys really wanted to get eaten by a shark....
We headed over to the farm country and had just as much fun! Everyone got to pet goats, sheep, and horses. We saw turkeys, chickens and ducks.
We went on a horse drawn wagon ride. Tanner got pretty restless but once I pointed out the big horses pulling us he was entranced.
We decided to jail the little trouble making rugrats....
And got to go on a pony ride! I think this was Tanner's favorite part of the farm. After it was over and I took him off the horse he tried running right back into the enclosure to go again. I let him pet one of the horses and that satisfied him for the time being.
We had so much fun! I am so happy we were able to go on a fun activity with Grandma, Aunt Britta and cousins! Can't wait until the next one!


IHH Walk for Healing Hearts 2012

Today was the annual Intermountain Healing Hearts Walk. 

There was an all you can eat pancake breakfast, silent auction, photo booth, angel ceremony and of course, the walk.

Not sure why this is not rotated correctly...
I was able to meet a bunch more heart moms and kids that I had not had the opportunity to meet yet. It made me SO happy to meet so many families that I had been wanting to see for such a long time.
A bunch of my family came in support of Tanner as well. It was so fun to have so many of us all together for this wonderful cause.
The Angel Ceremony was especially touching. They played a beautiful song that made me tear up and then each family that has an angel released a butterfly in memory of their angel.
It was such a great turnout. Although I would have never asked to be a part of this world, I am proud to be a part of this wonderful organization!