Mardi Gras

for mardi gras, we went to area... of course... it was really fun. a bunch of people were there that don't come all the time anymore, and it was nice to see them. they were passing out beads, and there were a bunch of fun masks. me and a bunch of the girls had a blast on the dance floor and trying to get as many beads as we could. (no we didn't get them the "traditional" way) it is fun to have friends and great place to go on holidays like this!
crystal and me showing off our beads
crysal and ann dancing the night away
glow sticks


Our visit to the Draper Temple

The other night, my dad invited us to come along with him to tour the new Draper Temple. It was so fun to be able to spend time with some of my family, and go through the temple before it was deticated. Of course we couldn't take any pictures of the inside, but I got some good shots of us before we went in! It was such a fun experience to see it all, since the last tour I went on was back when the Bountiful Temple was built. all of us waiting to get on the bus My sister Becky and her friend on the bus.

My dad on the bus. My Step Mom Gwen and me on the bus. While we were walking through the tent to get inside the temple, I saw this post with a cone on top of it. Had to get a picture of it!!


My Desk

So, it is Sunday, and I am sitting here at work....
Got a little figity, so I decided to take a picture of my desk to share with everyone! These are my decorations of my manatees, and my good luck cats that my Aunt Carler has given me over the years.