Tanner's Pre-School Graduation

Tanner graduated from Pre-school!
He had the cutest little graduation program with his teaches and friends. They sang a few songs, had a graduation slideshow of everything they did this year and then an adorable ceremony where they got their certificates. Mommy, Daddy, Chase, Grandma Cannon, Grandma Stark and baby Scott were all there to see him graduate.
Afterwards he showed all of us his display of projects he did during the school year and we took pictures with everyone and Miss Bridges and Miss Rhonda. We are going to miss them so much!


Uncle Erik's Wedding Weekend

Uncle Erik got married!
It was a really fun weekend. The night before Becky threw a party and dinner at her house with all of the Cannon siblings and cousins since everyone was in town. She even planned a treasure hunt for the kids. She is such a great aunt!
Later that evening we went to the rehearsal dinner. I couldn't quite get all of the details on who owns the house, but it was at Andrei Kirilenko's old home. It was a beautiful home, but I don't know how long it had been since he lived there, but it was in desperate need of an update to get out of the late 80's and early 90's!
The next morning we went to the Temple grounds to see Erik and Jasmine come out of the Temple after their sealing. Chase wasn't cooperating at all, so I didn't get many pictures there...
Then we went to the reception at the Capitol building. It was so beautiful and classy. There was a wonderful dinner while all the kids were in another room being watched by other family members and my Sava so the parents could get a break. It was so nice! Then there was great music and treats at the reception.
It was such a fun couple of days and we are so happy for Uncle Erik and now Aunt Jasmine!