January Mish Mash

 Here comes another picture overload! Here are the fun shenanigans we were up to in January that I didn't already post about...
Hiding from Daddy in Tanner's closet.
We took Tanner to his first Monster Truck Rally. He LOVED it.
He thought he could hid behind the Christmas tree and sneak some Oreo's.
The first time Daddy went on the merry go round with Tanner.
Playing around with a ball on the stairs. One of Tanner's favorites.
 Tanner's new trick.
 Throw and catch with Daddy.
 I was finally getting his little babbling that he does sometimes. The only problem is we had a realtor over to see the house and she wouldn't shut up!
 Bubbles! and some choking
His eyelashes are ridiculous.
Busted! Playing with your heater vent is NOT nap time.
He has been sleeping in the weirdest places lately.

Some awesome bed head.
Some even better bed head.
Practicing to keep the ear muffs on before the Truck Rally. M&Ms were a good bribe.
Sure, it looks pretty. But the air here has been disgusting lately.
Up WAY past his bedtime.
The rocking chair has been a favorite sleeping place lately.
Copying how I was laying to get a picture of him looking at his measuring chart. So cute!
Baby Tanner.
Hey! Who's that?
Daddy got this picture. Just chillin'.
I even tried to add a filter on this picture to make his scars show up better. They look SO good!
Another new sleeping arrangement.
I see a monster foot!
He wasn't feeling well and was super stuffy unless propped up. I rocked him like this for a while and got tired, so decided to take him to bed like this. Poor little guy.