Halloween 2015

 We got a bit of a late start on everything for Halloween because of everything that has happened this week.
We finally carved our pumpkins on Halloween and then went trick or treating in Grandma and Grandpa Cannon's neighborhood.
Our little Bumblebee and Optimus Prime all ready to get some treats!
 Grandma and Grandpa were in Dallas visiting Clark and Megan to help get ready for the new baby. But we still went to their street and my old street to go trick or treating like we do every year.
There was a U game that night so many people left bowls of candy on their front porches since they weren't home. Since we got a late start I don't know if the candy was gone because we were after the big rush of kids, or if the teenagers had taken all of it. But the boys still made a pretty good haul, so it worked out well.
Tanner wasn't afraid of the scary masks this year! Yay!

Our Sweet Boy Ashton

 Our 12 year old nephew (actually Kollin's cousin's son, but we have always called them aunt, uncle, nephew and niece), Ashton, was hit by a utility truck on his way to his school bus stop on the morning of October 23rd. The details are still a little jumbled but from what I understand is that he was thrown 50 feet. When the truck finally came to a stop it had stopped on his foot. His mom, Aunt Tiff, saw the entire thing happen. She actually saw it coming and was trying to honk at him and wave at him to not cross the street yet. But he thought she was just waving bye to him.
He was life flighted to Primary Children's where he was put into a medically induced coma. He had a fractured pelvis, fractured facial bones and broken skull that started at the base in the back to just over the top of his head. He had good brain activity and they were keeping a close eye on him to make sure it stayed that way.
His injuries should not have been life threatening.
We went to go visit him on Sunday and he had been doing SO well. Tiff even thanked us for Tanner. She said if it wasn't for what we went through with Tanner and his heart, she would have never got to medical school to be a nurse because she wanted to work in the NICU. She would not have known how to save her son.  From what we heard he was also doing great on Monday and were talking about waking him up on Tuesday. But on Tuesday morning I got a phone call from Aunt Linda that he had started to have some heart irregularities and his brain was starting to die. Shortly after that our sweet Ash passed away.
During the week we spent a lot of time at their home trying to help comfort and spend time with family. On Thursday Tiff asked me if I would be ok to go and dress Ash and do his hair for her along with her sister-in-law Holly. I told her I was honored and would loved to do this for her and him.
On Friday Holly and I went to the mortuary to do this final
act of love for Ashton. It was a very tender and special experience for both of us. I had never done anything like that before and I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was a very sweet time. We made sure his hair was just right and the cosmetics they used looked just how Tiff wanted them. I really hope she was happy with everything.
On Saturday, Halloween, was the funeral. Kollin and Troy were asked to be pallbearers and Tiff had asked them and Tanner and Chase to wear their kilts. Everyone was also asked to wear U of U shirts for Ash. Even the people from the mortuary wore them.
The funeral was very sweet. Unfortunately I wasn't able to hear most of it because Chase was being pretty unruly and I had retreated to the nursery to keep him entertained. But from what Kollin said it was a very nice service.
Some memories that Tiff asked me to write that was read at the funeral.
At the cemetery his grave site was dedicated by Uncle Duane and everything was very short and sweet.
It was a very nice day although it was definitely the worst day of Tiff and Seatle's lives. We were honored to be a part of it.
Fly high Little Man!
The white heart on the far right are the flowers we got for him. I had to do a heart.
This was Ash's last English assignment. His teach had printed it up and framed it for the family.
Back in September 2014 when we all went to California for cousin Malinda's wedding. Ashe was always so sweet and fun with Tanner even with their 8 year age difference.