AHA Heart Ball 2013

This year I was on a committee with the American Heart Association in regards to the Heart Ball. All of the committee members (all heart moms) were offered free tickets to attend the Ball! (They are $250 each)

Kollin got a new suit. I couldn't find a new dress I liked so I just wore one I already had.
Shortly after we got there we were talking with some heart moms when all the sudden someone spilled red wine on Kollin and me. Kollin wasn't too happy since it is a brand new suit, but luckily it's black so you couldn't see. He also got a bunch on his white shirt. He went to the bathroom and was actually able to get the majority of it out. But then we just smelled like wine for the rest of the night.

There was a silent as well as a live auction and some speakers.

Dr. Joseph Yost was the first speaker. He has done lots of research on the causes of CHD's. It was very interesting to hear him speak.

The second speaker was Representative Paul Ray. He is the representative that pushed and made the Pulse Ox Bill successful earlier this year at Heart on the Hill that I participated in in February.
 I had to get a picture of my hair! 
My beautiful Heart Mommies.
I think we clean up pretty good!


Cooper Play Date

Cooper and his family recently bought a new house and a new kiddie pool!

We went over for a play date and these kids had so much fun!

Cooper got stung by a bee, so hopefully that will end him wanting to constantly pet and hold them.
This pool is so awesome. Pretty sure we're going to get the same one.
The only picture I caught of them both facing me and showing me their zippers.


Scottish Festival 2013

This year we were all able to get decked out in our family tartan for the Scottish Festival.

We love going to this every year to hear bagpipes playing everywhere, watch the Highland Games and eat yummy food.
All of us in our family tartan. (I hate how mine makes my hips look so wide!)
Relaxing in the shade waiting for the bagpipe parade.
Hide and seek.
Tanner got bored just sitting around and went to find rocks and pine cones to throw.
Our friend Ryan came with us this year. He served his mission in Scotland so it was extra fun to have him there.
Ryan was bouncing Tanner around and they both loved it! Had to get a picture since it was so cute.
Still waiting under a tree.
Digging for some gold. Tanner's face had an encounter with the stroller the day before. The stroller won.


Zoo Time with Cousins.

We went to the zoo with Gwen, Ben, Cole, Megan, Andrew, Isabel and Bippy! It was so much fun.

Last year Tanner wasn't too into it. This time he had a blast!
Watching the sea lions with Andrew.
On the merry go round.
More sea lions
After Tanner figured out that this was fun, he didn't need help keeping is face in the hole and didn't want to leave!
Aunt Bippy and Isabel.
Watching the gorilla kickin' back
That panda was not to be trusted.
Waiting for the ride to start.
Yay for cousins and polar bears!


Grandma of the Great's 91st Brithday.

My beautiful Grandma turned 91! Many of us went over to her house to celebrate with cake and ice cream.
Playing on the marble track with cousins Andrew and John.
Love this lady!
So happy I have pictures of Tanner with his wonderful Grandma of the Great!
Having a moment with Aunt Bippy.
This marble track is older than I am! I remember playing with it as a child. Tanner was entranced and loved it as well!
Aunt Lucie and Grandma of the Great.