Scottish Festival 2013

This year we were all able to get decked out in our family tartan for the Scottish Festival.

We love going to this every year to hear bagpipes playing everywhere, watch the Highland Games and eat yummy food.
All of us in our family tartan. (I hate how mine makes my hips look so wide!)
Relaxing in the shade waiting for the bagpipe parade.
Hide and seek.
Tanner got bored just sitting around and went to find rocks and pine cones to throw.
Our friend Ryan came with us this year. He served his mission in Scotland so it was extra fun to have him there.
Ryan was bouncing Tanner around and they both loved it! Had to get a picture since it was so cute.
Still waiting under a tree.
Digging for some gold. Tanner's face had an encounter with the stroller the day before. The stroller won.

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