Dinosaurs, Horses and Cows! Oh My!

Tanner and I got to go to Thanksgiving Point with Grandma Cannon, Aunt Britta and the boys today.

We went to the dinosaur museum and farm country.

I was wondering if Tanner would have fun and be interested with the dinosaurs. Not wondering anymore! He had a blast with being able to play with so many things while there. We will definitely have to go back soon.

The first room we went into had a bunch of things that made different sounds. He loved putting the head phones on and rocking out to the drums. Also the head phones with the bat ears, which I guess made everything sound the way a bat would hear? Those were just too cute to pass up.
There was a really cool cave that the little kids could go into. It was the perfect size for them, but I had to get down on all fours. 
We played in some water that had sand in it to be able to make dams and islands and to bury dinosaurs on/in. Tanner loved just chucking the dinosaurs into the water and making them splash.
And of course we saw lots and lots of bones, as well as a little buddy that Tanner loved to climb on.
We also got to be archaeologists in a huge sand pit and uncover dinosaur bones.
 And apparently the boys really wanted to get eaten by a shark....
We headed over to the farm country and had just as much fun! Everyone got to pet goats, sheep, and horses. We saw turkeys, chickens and ducks.
We went on a horse drawn wagon ride. Tanner got pretty restless but once I pointed out the big horses pulling us he was entranced.
We decided to jail the little trouble making rugrats....
And got to go on a pony ride! I think this was Tanner's favorite part of the farm. After it was over and I took him off the horse he tried running right back into the enclosure to go again. I let him pet one of the horses and that satisfied him for the time being.
We had so much fun! I am so happy we were able to go on a fun activity with Grandma, Aunt Britta and cousins! Can't wait until the next one!

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