IHH Walk for Healing Hearts 2012

Today was the annual Intermountain Healing Hearts Walk. 

There was an all you can eat pancake breakfast, silent auction, photo booth, angel ceremony and of course, the walk.

Not sure why this is not rotated correctly...
I was able to meet a bunch more heart moms and kids that I had not had the opportunity to meet yet. It made me SO happy to meet so many families that I had been wanting to see for such a long time.
A bunch of my family came in support of Tanner as well. It was so fun to have so many of us all together for this wonderful cause.
The Angel Ceremony was especially touching. They played a beautiful song that made me tear up and then each family that has an angel released a butterfly in memory of their angel.
It was such a great turnout. Although I would have never asked to be a part of this world, I am proud to be a part of this wonderful organization!

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