Squirmy Worm

Back in the old days when I was a kid (6), my family had one of those old bouncy chair things. Cept it didn't bounce. It was solid. When my little sister was about 6 weeks old (I think?) they had her on the kitchen table so she could see and my mom could see her while she was working around the kitchen. That kid was such a wiggle wart that she bounced herself off the table, landing face down with the chair still strapped to her. I remember hearing the bang. And the scream. She had cracked her scull. All of us went to the ER. I remember my parents crying. She ended up being just fine and is one of the most beautiful and smart girls I know. But lesson learned. Never again did my parents EVER put that thing anywhere but on the floor. Fast forward to now days.... We have a couple of bouncy chairs that are battery operated. They bounce, vibrate and play music. And they have big rubber no skid feet. Although they are pretty much impossible to scoot anywhere without lifting them up, weather Tanner is in them or not, I still freaked out on Kollin when he had put him in it on top of the kitchen counter one day. I know Tanner wasn't going anywhere since these things are much safer than they used to be. And also Kollin was always within an arm's length. However, Tanner has not been back on any surface but the floor since then. I think I scared Kollin a little... Sorry Baby. I guess that experience with my sister was a little traumatic. With all of that said, I don't think these are bouncy enough for Tanner's liking. He has always been kind of squirmy, but today he reached a new high: Don't worry, I grabbed him before he completely fell out. He is now sitting next to me on the couch like this: I have had to adjust him about 15 times just while typing this.

I am scared to death when he is going to start rolling over more (he is rolling both left and right from front to back now), and he is going to roll himself right off the bed or something while I have my back turned for just a couple seconds. That is the way I always hear it happens. "I didn't know he could do that!" "I only looked away for a couple seconds!"

I guess we'll see what happens and not fret about it happening. Any kids that I have heard it happening to have all been just fine. Maybe a goose egg, and the parents feeling like failures, but fine. But wow! He is such a squirmy worm!


Callie said...

You should ask my mom about the time Kollin rolled off the couch as a baby. Yeah, he was one of those kids.

neeroc said...

Look at him go! And the hair and he's getting so big. Prepare yourself *g*

KickButtMommy said...

So scary, huh? One of my best friends had a similar experience with her brother, sadly it didn't turn out so well, and he had severe mental delay because of it. Makes me a bit neurotic!