It's been a while...

WOW! I am so incredibly sorry on how long it has been since I have added to this thing... Many things have happened and been going on in the last few (8) months. Well let's see where I left off... Hopefully all in the order that everything happened... The puppies all grew up and were all sold off to happy families. I moved to a new department at eBay, and I LOVE it! Cept the graveyard shift, but I deal. Car broke down. Rode the bus and TRAX to and from work (about an hour and a half one way) for about 3 months. Onyx and Sherpa go into it again, so we decided to put Onyx down. Very VERY sad day, but it was for the best. I had a sister and a step-sister get married. About a kajillion of my friends got married.
-I was a bride's maid for one of them. w00t!
I have a new nephew.
I have gone to 3 concerts: - Marilyn Manson - Rob Zombie
- Flyleaf
I got divorced. (no comments from the peanut gallery please, we are both doing great and happy.)
Daddy sold me a car! Yay! I got to meet my new nephew!
The holiday season came and went. ... Yup, that's about it....
I'm sure I'll be keeping this updated better now. I have many great and wonderful adventures coming up and going down.
Until then, Cheers!

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