My Reca.

I just wanted to introduce my friend Reca, and what I love about her! 1. She has been my best friend since my Sophmore year in high school. 2. She has always stuck with me through good and bad times. 3. In the bad times, she's not afraid to tell me how it is, and that I am an idiot. 4. I love the way she narrates her dogs' thoughts, and the voices she uses. 5. She is a wonderful wife and mother. 6. We are so alike, and also so different. I think that is why she is still able to put up with me. 7. She has MS, and sure, she gets pissy, but she has dealt with it so well and is not letting it ruin her life. 8. I love her family. Her mother, brothers, husband and kids. 9. She is always there to give me advice about anything. 10. Through all of the harships she has had in her life, she has come out the bigger and stronger person. I could probably go on with many more things I love about her, but I don't know if there's enough space on the internet to hold it all. So in a nut shell, I love her to bits, and she is my bestie!

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