Weekend at the Homestead

Over the weekend of the 20th and 21st my family when to the Homestead to celebrate my mom. It is still so weird to think she has been in Heaven for 10 years.  It was so nice to be able to spend some time with my dad and siblings just to focus on her.

The evening we got there (we arrived a few hours after everyone else since Kollin didn't get off work early enough) everyone was having a great dinner that all of them had participated in making. My dad made the entree, Clark and Megan made a salad, Libby made bread and sweet rolls and Becky made a whole bunch of cookies. All of the things they made were my mom's recipes that she used to always make. It was really nice to have a "home cooked meal" and so many reminders of my mom's food.

After dinner we went through old scrap books, talked about Mom and watched a little bit of a home video. All of the little kids but Tanner went to bed at a "normal" bed time. But I just let Tanner stay up and play until he crashed on his own... which he never did. I think Tanner and I ended up going to bed at 1am! All of our spouses crashed out on us early as well, so it was nice to just have my dad and siblings (and Tanner running around).

The next morning it was mine and Kollin's assignment to make breakfast. We chose to make this sausage, egg, cheese and tater tot casserole that we love and make quite often at home. I found the recipe on Pinterest months ago and it has turned into a favorite. Plus it was pretty quick and easy and didn't make a mess. We also brought cereal and yogurt in case the little kids didn't want the casserole. Everyone seemed to love it and I'm pretty sure almost everyone went back for seconds (I know I did).

After breakfast we took some great family pictures of most of us in our PJ's and hanging out on the couch. The pictures were perfect and exactly what my dad wanted.

After the pictures we packed up so we could be out of the condos by checkout time and headed over to swim in the pool before heading home. I remember these pools and hot tubs from my childhood. My entire dad's side of the family would come up to the Homestead sometimes and we would have so much fun!

I wasn't even planning on getting in and swimming, but was going to just sit on the edge with my legs in the hot tub since I can't get all the way in right now being pregnant. But when I was helping Tanner into the swimming pool I felt that it was so nice and warm I just couldn't stay out. I was still pretty jealous of everyone being able to get in the hot tubs inside and outside. I told Kollin we definitely need to go back when I'm not pregnant!

After swimming everyone headed home. It was such a fun and special weekend for me to be able to spend that time with my wonderful family.
Tanner enjoying some cereal.
We had deer outside our condos that morning!
Breakfast was a hit!
Aunt Bippy with all of the kids. I promise they really do love her!

Kollin sitting in one of the outdoor hot tubs. It was also snowing at the time. Perfect time to hot tub! So jealous!

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