Fetal Echo

Today Kollin and I went to my fetal echo at the Riverton Primary Children's. I was pretty nervous, but not as bad as I was for my ultrasound for some reason. The appointment was in the morning so I think that helped in not giving me time to let the anxiety sink in and freak out like I did last time.

The entire echo went well. Although it was tense. The echo tech cannot tell you anything that she is seeing good or bad. So for the 30 or so minutes that she was taking images I tried to keep conversation going about random things to not have it just be an uncomfortable silence. She was really nice and very social so that helped ease my nerves.
After the echo the cardiologist Dr. Puchalski came in to talk to us about the results. I have met this man a few times and have absolutely adored him each time. I have sometimes thought about switching Tanner to him but I also love Dr. Minich so we'll see what happens in the future.

Anyway! He came in and told us that everything looks wonderful and all of the images that were taken could not be more beautiful. So this means our baby has a Healthy Heart!

Kollin asked him a really good question of what the accuracy of the echo is. Dr. Puchalski said it is about 96% accurate, so we only have about a 4% chance of something that was missed and the baby still being born with a CHD. There are also CHD's that don't show up until after birth so we wouldn't be able to know about those right now anyway.

But as of right now we are happy and relieved! I think I can stay calm and not so scared for a few more months until the birth comes closer.

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