4 Months Old

4 months have come and gone since this fit in my belly.
He's growing way too fast!
Tanner is such a good baby. Anyone that meets him always comments on how mellow and content he is. We all think that it is probably because the first three weeks of his life were pretty stressful and all of his "difficult cards" have been used.
His fussiness from when he turned 3 months hasn't really changed. He still likes altitude adjustments and will not let me sit down or stop moving while he is in one of his moods. Luckily this really doesn't happen that much in my opinion.
He has also had some really fun and exciting developments this last month:
He is getting really squirmy. If he doesn't like the position he is being held in, he will squirm around and make it quite difficult to hold onto. I'm just happy no one's dropped him! He is also starting to squirm while we are changing his diaper and feeding him his bottle. Oh well. Guess it had to come at some point!
He has also been starting to do a lot of baby babble. His main "words" right now are screeching like a raptor, babbling with his tongue out and my favorite, "goi goi goi goi." If I say it back to him we will repeat each other for a while. I have yet to get it on video, but I'm working on it!
He's found his feet. One thing that is funny about this, is he will toot every now and then when he bends in half to grab his feet. Cutest thing right now, but I'm sure it won't be very appreciated when he's older.... hehehe.
He doesn't especially like to fall asleep in my arms right now. I think he's figured out that if I hold him in a certain way, I may just be trying to get him to fall asleep. Since he fights me tooth and nail to fall asleep, it can be a little hard on some nights. Just lately though, after screaming in my arms for a while, he will quiet right down and fall asleep within minutes if I put him in his swing. Silly little bugger.
Weight: 12 lbs 8.5 oz
Length: 23 inches
You and your daddy are the loves of my life! Just stop getting bigger every time I look at you.

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