Swimming Lessons

Well, the second session of swimming lessons this summer have already begun. Tanner passed is previous class and got to move up a level for this new session! I also enrolled Chase into the beginner class to see how he'd do.
Tanner is doing so well and gaining so much confidence. He loves to wear his goggles and will now actually go all the way under the water and hold his breath for a few seconds by himself. He will also walk out to a pretty deep (for him) area of the pool by himself without having to hold onto someone or something. It is so great!
Chase is also doing really well so far. I was worried that he would refuse to go with the instructor and I would have to get in the pool with him, but that hasn't happened! He has done really well staying with his instructor and not crying for me. So far she has gotten him to put his face in the water and blow bubbles, and also floating on his belly and back with her help. It is so much more than I was expecting so early in the lessons.
I love that my boys are finally starting to love the water!

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