Mother's Day 2015

 Mother's Day was nice and laid back this year. My boys let me sleep in and we all just spent time with each other lounging around the house.
I love the gifts that they got me! I technically picked them out since we went shopping as a family the day before. They are perfect!

I finally have a necklace with Chase's birthstone. It has been interesting how hard it has been to find something with aquamarine that I like.

Ever since Chase was born we have been looking for a new ring for me with 4 hearts. I spotted this when we were about ready to give up on a ring. I am so happy we found it!

Later that day we went to Gandma and Grandpa Cannon's house for dinner. We gave Grandma a copy of Paul Cardall's album that we got signed yesterday for her gift.  She loved it and I was surprised that she knew who he was!
It was great spending time with my little family and also with my side of the family. 

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