Load Fire

  Kollin called me from work the other day letting me know that he had a fire in his truck.
Here's the story:

He was doing residential that day.
As he was going along he noticed smoke when he looked at the camera that's inside the hopper of the truck.
When he looked again he actually saw flames.
He got out his fire extinguisher and used over half of it with no improvement.
He also tried packing his load to smother the fire.
No dice.
He called his managers and they said to call 911 since the fire extinguisher didn't work.
He called and said he was driving to a large parking lot to try to get off of the main road.
The 911 dispatcher told him to not do that and stop right where he was.
He let them know he was right in front of an elementary school.
They still said to stop.
When the fire fighters got there Kollin, as well as a resident were still not able to get the fire out with his extinguisher and a garden hose.
The fire fighters told him to dump his load where he was.
Well, ok then!
They found that it was a chemical fire and were able to get it out.
It was pretty interesting, and at least he wasn't the one that had to clean the mess up!
We are all very grateful that he is ok!

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