First Annual George J. Cannon Family Summer Party! (and some rain)

Earlier this week was the First Annual George J. Cannon Family Summer Party! It has always been the big family Christmas party in the past. This last year it was put to a vote to keep it during Christmas time, or to move it to the summer. I think it is good that it was moved to the summer since the holidays are so so busy with everyone growing up and having their own families. One less party to go to during that time makes things easier. The only sad part is there will be no more Santa for the little kids which was always such a fun memory I had as a kid growing up. I think this will work out just great though!

It was at Sugarhouse Park and we were all getting together, eating and visiting before the program started. A little into the program when my Great Aunt Virginia (I may be wrong, I'll have to make sure) was speaking about Great Grandma and Grandpa Cannon (George J and Lucy) I could see clouds rolling in. 
And then it started to get really windy. 
And then it started to sprinkle. 
And then it was an absolute downpour! 

There are skylight windows going all the way up the roof of the pavilion we were under, but they were all gone! So everyone jumped up and huddled into the middle of the pavilion where we were getting the least amount of rain.

Before this all started Tanner was playing at the drinking fountain (anyone that has been to these pavilions at Sugarhouse Park know these drinking fountains and how fun they are for little kids to play in), and Kollin, my dad and Gwen were all near him. I assumed Chase was somewhere over there in his carseat as well since I couldn't see him and my dad was the last person to have him. I was under the pavilion eating and visiting with relatives.

The next thing I know some papers are starting to blow away so I grabbed them and headed for the garbage can to throw them away when it started to rain. I look back and everyone was running for cover. Apparently what happened is Kollin grabbed Chase and was looking for me to get Tanner but I was nowhere in sight since I was at the garbage can! Luckily my cousin Chase was close to Tanner and grabbed him to bring him under the pavilion. Needless to say Tanner was a little traumatized. 

I thought the whole ordeal was hilarious and was trying to get video and pictures. Tanner was fine after he got over the original scare, and Chase was doing just fine under a picnic table in his carseat under his canopy. But Kollin was not happy and was cold. So we headed out to the car to go home. It was so funny and crazy at the same time! Too bad the part got cut so short though.
Pictures are out of order since I'm too lazy to rearrange them.
We got absolutely drenched. Tanner was not impressed.
Hanging out under Grandpa Cannon's umbrella.
This was when I first got him from my cousin Chase. I was still trying to grab things off the tables and help others so I couldn't hold him. So he just clung to my leg. Poor guy.
My dad is like a boy scout. Always prepared.
You can't really tell, but I am dripping wet! You can't even see out of the windows of the car because it was raining so hard and fast!

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