Cabin Shenanigans

This last weekend we all went up to my family's cabin and spent a night with my parents. It was a lot of fun and we are pretty impressed with how both boys (especially Chase) did overnight in unfamiliar surroundings.
Tanner loved sitting like this in the loft and having us look up at him.
By far Tanner's favorite of the whole weekend. He loves these marbles and I am surprised he remembered about them from the last time we were up here months and months ago!
Loving this picture.
I was asking my dad how old he thought these marbles were. He said probably around 80 years old! I knew they were old, but not THAT old! It is amazing that my dad, me and now Tanner have all played with these marbles and egg cartons as children.
Grandpa taking Tanner on an adventure. They found about 6 different bodies of water he could throw rocks into.
We took a walk around Silver Lake.
Chase trying so hard to sit up!
Tanner wasn't too excited....
Until I showed him Mickey Rock. Then that was all he wanted to find while we were walking around the lake.
It was a beautiful, cool and overcast day.

Eating s'mores in the rain.
Happy Breastfeeding Awareness Week!
Chase napping while we were packing and cleaning.
Bubbles! ......Also notice Tanner's pants (they're backwards if you can't see). He put them on himself. He is doing SO great with potty training! I'm probably going to do a catch up post before this one so this may be old news, but oh well. He is an expert with #1, but is still absolutely terrified to go #2 in the potty. But the good thing is he will tell us when he needs to go and asks for a diaper on. We still have him sit on the potty when he knows he needs to poop just to try to get him to do it and get used to it. But he never does. And we don't want to force the issue and make him even more scared. So we're just waiting until he's ready. At least pooping in a diaper is better than in his undies any day! I'll take it!

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