Four Months Old

Our smilie boy is 4 months old!

You are such a joy and so fun to be around!
This last month you have almost started to laugh. Daddy said he got you to once, but no one has been able to get you to repeat it again yet. You substitute for an actual laugh right now is the cutest little screech/squeal. You love it when we attack your neck with kisses and raspberries. But still not quite sure what to do when we tickle your ribs or armpits. You just let out a big grunt like your trying to go to the bathroom. It's pretty funny.
You have been grabbing everything you can get your little fingers on lately. You are really trying to hold your own bottle and you pinch the living daylights out of me when you are nursing. You have found both your hands and your feet and love to stick them in your mouth. You have also found your thumb and love to chew on it! It is so cute!
You have gotten very squirmy and have gotten a lot better at rolling over from your back to belly for the past couple of weeks. We'll put you down, leave the room to do something and when we come back you are facing a completely different angle from where we left you! I should have known it was coming, but you squirmed your way right off the bed yesterday morning. It wasn't too bad. I picked you up, put your bink in your mouth and snuggled you and you were smiling up at me 5 seconds later. Sorry though! I hate that parental right of passage!
You are still in size 1 diapers although Daddy thinks we should go up a size. I think you'll still last a while in the 1's. And in size 0-3 month clothes still. They are getting more tight than last month, but they still fit. Probably not much longer though. But thank you for not being in a size 12 month! I have been worried that you are growing so fast that you'd be in really big clothes for your age. It makes me feel that you are not too too big and I still have somewhat of a little baby.

Weight: 14.12 lbs
Height: 24.9 inches

We are so in love with you and love how well you fit into our little family!
mom and dad

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