Mia's Funeral

Today I was honored to attend little Mia's funeral in Midway.

It was just over an hour drive from Salt Lake, but we Heart Moms didn't care. Many of us carpooled from all over. Some came from as far north as Logan, and even as far south as St. George.

The funeral was beautiful. Mia looked like a little angel. She had a white coffin that was even lined with purple. So sweet!

There were a couple musical numbers. One was Paul Cardall. He is a pianist who is also a recipient of a heart transplant. The other was one of Mimi's friends Cristi who sang.

Paul played his own beautiful version of I Love to See the Temple, and Cristi sang He'll Carry You. Music always touches my heart and I was bawling during both numbers.

Mia's grandmother was one of the speakers. I was so touched with her words. There was one part where she started talking about the Heart Moms. She said that we were "a sorority appointed by God." It is amazing the strength and power we have when we band together to hold each other up. 

At one point during her talk, she asked all of the Heart Moms to stand. This was the strongest and most spiritual part of the entire funeral to me, and many other Heart Moms. There were 30+ of us there that stood with tears running down our cheeks. Wearing red to show our love and support for Mia and her entire family.

After the funeral all of us lingered after to visit and discuss the powerful words that were spoken by Mia's family, Bishop and Stake President.

We decided to take pictures.
Paul hung out with us for a while as well so we stuck him in some pictures with us.
I am so grateful to be a part of this beautiful group of strong women. We are always there to support each other. To link arms and hold one another up when the floor falls out from under us.

It was my pleasure to attend this beautiful service for such a special little girl. I am grateful that I was able to know her even for a short time. I will always honor her memory and rejoice in my knowledge of eternal families.

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griggsy said...

I seriously got the chills reading this post. Thank you so much for posting about sweet Mia's funeral. I wish I could have made it :(