Digging for Gold

This was just too funny and gross to not document.

A few nights ago I noticed that Tanner sounded like he had a stuffy nose after he went to bed. I went to wipe his nose, but it was dry. (clue #1)

Later that night he woke up crying from a night terror or something. I went to tuck him back in and he had soaked through his diaper. As I was changing his sheets I saw blood. After checking him out, he had a bloody nose. (clue #2)

As I was changing his diaper and pj's he sneezed. 3 little balls of snotty paper came flying out! (clue #3)

I thought I could see more up his nose, so I went to get a flashlight and tweezers since it didn't look too far up. Right when I got back he sniffed, and whatever I saw was gone.

At this point he was only breathing through his mouth. I put my hand over his mouth to see if he was able to breath through his nose, or if he would wiggle away from my hand to be able to breath through his mouth. He just sat there and breathed through his nose, but when I moved my hand he went back to his mouth. So at least I knew he could do it.

For the next few days he constantly had his finger up his left nostril as if he was digging for gold. I would keep checking his nose every now and then to see if I could see anything, but still nothing. (clue #4)

This morning he woke up with a very green snotty nose. But just in the left nostril. (clue #5)

We had a follow up appointment with our pediatrician for an ear infection he had. While we were there, I decided to bring up the paper in the nose issue. Dr. Terashima agreed with me that there could very well be more up there.

So we decided to papoose him so he would hold still to see what we could find.
He was not happy with this.
After looking around in his nose Dr. Terashima couldn't see anything but more green mucus. He did say it went up very high, and it was too sticky and slimy to be able to tweeze out. He said he was concerned and really thought there was something there, so his nurse made an appointment with an ENT later on.
I was very happy we were able to get an appointment at the Riverton Primary Children's.
Tanner and I got to the ENT and he took a look with a really bright light and a magnifier. He had these really long skinny tweezers, and this long skinny tube that he used for suction. He suctioned the snot out of his nose and then he saw it.

At first he just pulled out a tiny little piece and I thought that was it. Then he suctioned some more and then pulled out his monster.
buried treasure!
It is definitely a piece of wadded up paper from a book or something! I couldn't believe something that big was in Tanner's nose! 

Of course Tanner was kicking and screaming, but I would be too if someone was digging that far up my nose. But as soon as the Dr. was done, he was happy again. I bet it felt like a relief to have that out of his nose!

I hope that he learned his lesson, because that was not fun to watch and I'm sure even less fun to experience.

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