Adventures in Potty

Tanner sure is interesting! For the past few months at least, he has been stripping out of his diapers at night and nap time. At first it was when he would wake up. He would take his wet diaper off shortly before I would go and get him.

For the past couple weeks though, he's been going commando right after I put him down for bed. We have tried putting the diaper on backwards, but the rear of the diaper isn't as absorbent as the front so he would leak all over the bed. Then I tried doubling up the diaper. Putting the inside diaper on front ways and put a backwards diaper over the top so he couldn't get it off. That worked for about 2 days then he figured out how to get the backwards diaper off too.
When I would see on the baby monitor that he had taken his diaper off, I would go in and put it back on. But then he figured out that if he took his diaper off Mommy would come in. So now I am to the point of just waiting for him to fall asleep and then put his diaper back on.

A few days ago I decided to start potty training because of the signs he's been showing that he's ready. 1) the stripping out of his diapers. 2) stopping what he's doing and going into a corner to poop. 3) I was watching him on the monitor during a nap one day and he got up out of bed, leaned over it and peed on the floor then got back in bed and went back to sleep. I know that sounds gross, but I was impressed that he was aware enough to get up and not just sleep through it and wet the bed.

I started the "potty train in 1 day" method yesterday. I know it takes more than one day, but the results I have read about it takes much much less time for them to get the idea down. We were doing ok... we had 2 underwear changes and 1 success in the toilet. I was getting worried that he wasn't peeing often enough to have it click though.
Doesn't he look so cute in his little undies?
When Kollin got home from work he said he was thinking all day that since Tanner isn't really talking yet, maybe it's not a good idea to start training him since he wouldn't be able to tell us when he needs to go, or if he did, we wouldn't catch on to his way of communicating it until it's too late.

I had actually been thinking this same thing for a couple days before I started training him. I even mentioned it to Kollin and he didn't say anything to agree or disagree with me. So I figured it was just in my head and that it would still work out and that Tanner is really ready.

So we decided to quit training for now and wait until he is talking more. I've always heard that once you start to never go back or the child would just get confused. But Kollin made me feel better since it was technically just half a day of training and not much progress.

Anyway! Tonight, of course, he stripped out of his diaper again. I was so tired I dozed off before I could go put his diaper back on. Well, at about 2:30am I hear him up and moving around and kind of whimpering. I went to check on him and he had a big accident on his bed. Usually if he wets his bed it's just a little spot. But this one covered about half of his bed!

He was laying on top of his blankie and Monkey. They were both saturated. I cleaned him up and changed his clothes. Changed his bedding and got a new blankie out. At this point he was trying to pick up Monkey and hug him. I told him I had to clean him up and then he could have him back Only he can't see me "clean up Monkey" because I was smart and got 2 Monkeys! 

I took wet Monkey and his box to the kitchen sink and put both in. And then clean Monkey came out! Tanner took him and hopefully hasn't noticed clean Monkey is a lot softer and a lighter color from wet Monkey since he hasn't been put into the rotation yet.
Can you tell the difference?
Tanner and Monkey are now back in bed and snoozing away. 

 5.11.13 We have a poopy in the potty!

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