Three Months Old

This is going by way too fast! 
You are such a big, beautiful and sweet boy.
You haven't been as gassy or choliky anymore, but you sure are starting to fight going to sleep! Like right now.... Currently throwing a fit so I better hurry.
You have been starting to coo and squeak a lot more this month. You love to smile and have been starting to stand and bear weight on your legs. 
You have started to have interest in some toys. You have a crinkle elephant that you seem to like and other times you like a ball of Tanner's that has a bunch of holes in it so it is easy to grab.
You have been rolling over for a few weeks now and there have been a few times I have left the room and come back and you are on your stomach when that wasn't how I left you! You little sneak. You also scoot a lot with your legs and push yourself backwards. So that tells me I need to start keeping a close eye on you and probably start having more floor time so you don't push yourself right off the bed or couch.
I am happy to report that you are still in size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes. Although some are starting to be on the tight side. Stop growing so fast would ya!
An update from your 2 month post, we went to the specialist to have your head checked out and he said you look great and no surgery is needed! Yay! So happy and relieved to hear this and that we don't have to plan another major surgery anytime soon.
Since you don't have a 3 month Dr. visit we measured and weighed you ourselves at home. So it probably isn't as accurate but here are your current stats:

Weight: 13.4 lbs
Height: 14 1/2 in

You are really freaking out now so I better go. We love you so much little one!
mom and dad

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