8 Months Old!

This boy!

You are starting to get really really fun. And busy. And a little accident prone.

You are getting really quick with your crawling and cruising on furniture. We're predicting you'll be walking pretty early. You are getting so adventurous that you are getting some pretty good bonks on your head. You have fallen off our bed a couple more times (I feel terrible!) and have pulled chairs and garbage cans over on yourself. You don't ever cry for long though. I think it is more of a scare than you getting hurt. We also can't put you in socks or footie pajamas very often right now even with it being so cold. You will pull yourself up on something in the kitchen and slip on the tile and do a face plant. You are definitely our crazy active boy.

You have a second bottom tooth now and you love to use it! You love to chomp down on your spoons, people's fingers, clothes and blankets, and me while I'm nursing you. We need to figure out a way to stop that ok? No sign of top teeth yet.

I'm knocking on wood, but it seems like you are improving with your mama's boy-ness. You got worse for a little while and then all of the sudden about a week or so ago it seems you are over it. I really hope that sticks since I feel so bad when you freak out if Grandma or Grandpa Cannon try to hold you! The last time you saw them you did much much better, so we're hoping!

Just a couple days before Halloween while we were carving pumpkins you said "dada!" Daddy and I barely caught it and realized that's what you said. But you haven't done it since. Still no other consonants that I've noticed, but that's probably not saying much. "Mama" would be nice though. *wink wink*

Apparently from my measurements last month you haven't grown in height a whole lot, so you are still in some 3-6 month clothes. Although I have put most of them away. 6 month and 6-9 month clothes fit you great right now. Still in size 3 diaper, and I just noticed the other day that those look ginormous on you. So we may have jumped the gun a little, but size 2's seemed pretty small. So I'll just call you an inbetweener right now.

You are doing so well at eating solid baby foods. I can't remember if I've ever really mentioned this before. Although you are not that big of a fan of anything really solid in your mouth. I have tried giving you a teeny tiny piece of bread as well as a tiny piece of a baby puff. As soon as either of those touch your tongue you do this gag reflex. You'll eventually gum it and swallow, but you're not too happy during the process. So we'll wait a little longer on that.

Weight: 18.4 pounds (home scale)
Height: 27.5 inches

This is the baby stage I have been waiting for and it is so much fun! Thank you for letting us join you in this adventure. We love you!

mommy and daddy

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