4th (3rd) of July 2015

This year was a lot of fun at Great Grandma and Grandpa Richens' house for the 3rd of July. Clark and Megan were in town, so we had more cousins than usual which was really fun.
We had dinner, did poppers and sparklers and then watched the fireworks.
Chase's first time doing sparklers! He wasn't too sure about them, but also kept trying to touch it so I had to pin his other arm down to keep him from burning himself.
Cole had a little mishap. He was running with 2 sparklers and tripped on a tree root. When he got up he had a spark on his shirt. At first we just watched thinking it would go out, but the next thing we saw was flame! Britta ran over to try to put it out but it just got bigger. So she started trying to rip his shirt off but it wasn't cooperating. So I ran over and helped get the rest of the shirt off. Britta made sure the fire was out and I checked Cole to see if he was hurt. He was fine, just a little red mark where the hole in his shirt was. Scary though!
The next door neighbors were watching Mickey Mouse in their basement so some of the kids had to go investigate.
Everyone having Star Wars light saber fights with the glow sticks.

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