18 Months Old

A. Year. And. A. Half.
I'm not sure where the time is going, but I'm good with it. You are getting so fun! You and Tanner are finally playing together so well. You keep each other entertained for some very good lengths of time, which is great for Mom and Dad since we can get little breathers here and there! You love your big brother and are not shy about tackling or just pouncing on him. He loves you and knows the right way to play with you so you don't get hurt (that often). It is very fun having a house full of rough and tumble boys!
You are still as busy as ever. We pretty much just keep the doors to different rooms in the house shut at all times and block certain things that you like to climb on. You are also starting to learn your limits, so we're not as worried about you hurting yourself as much anymore. So you also have a lot of free reign in the house to explore and climb.

You still aren't saying much, but there are a few new words. You will say "dat" and point when you want to point anything out to us. From a plane up in the air, birds, food, drinks... anything really. Just the other day you finally said "ball" for the first time (at least that I noticed)! You don't really say "mama" anymore. You have moved on to just "MOM!" And it is always a yell. And it is towards anyone, not just me. You will also add "MEEE" at the end sometimes, but it is more like "MOM....MEEE." It's pretty funny, and makes me laugh each morning when that is the first thing I hear from you alerting me you are awake and want out of your crib. Also today while we were playing with trains I was saying "choo choo" and you were trying to repeat me but it wasn't coming out anything like "choo choo." I can't even remember what you were saying but will have to update this when you say it again so we can remember!
You still communicate very well other ways though. If you want something you are getting very good at taking my hand and leading me to show me what you want, instead of just yelling MOM at me and expecting me to know what you want like you used to do. You also know what we are talking about when we ask you if you want something or where something is. You will bring me your sippy cup or shoes when I ask you were they are. You will also smile or giggle when I am finally able to guess what it is you want during those times you don't want to take me to where you want something. I will ask specifically what you want (drink, grapes, sammich, book...etc...) and you get happy when I get it right. So that tells me you know what different things are called, you're just not choosing to say the word yourself yet. Which is ok!
We have officially stopped nursing. It was a week or so after you turned 17 months. We needed to figure out something different for you since nursing was the only way you would willingly go to sleep. I am going to miss that bond and special relationship we had. But I am also so proud that we made it so far! You now take a sippy cup to bed (which we need to start weaning you of that now) which is much easier.
Weighing you at home today since your Dr appointment isn't until next week gave me some happy results. On the home scale you weighed 21.8 pounds! Such a great improvement from when you were 15 months. I'm sure it was that dang penny in your throat that caused you to stall in growing, and I'm also pretty sure the pediasure is helping you bulk back up. You love that stuff! You finally have a little more of a belly and chubbiness to your face.
You are still in a size 3 diaper. Wearing between 12 and 18 month shirts and 12 month pants. The pants are a little big around your waist, but you are so tall (taller than Tanner even was at 21 months!) you need the extra length in the legs. You have also moved up to size 5 shoes.
Weight: 21.2 pounds (yay!)
Height: 32.1 inches
This stage is so fun with you, and love seeing you develop and happy!
MOM...MEEE and Da

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