Halloween 2016

Halloween was a hit with boy boys this year!
Earlier in the year Tanner decided he wanted to be a PAW Patrol Pup for Halloween (of course). So I had him pick who he wanted and he chose Rocky. And for Chase to match (not sure how much longer I'll be able to do that), I had him be Chase.
They loved their costumes and they were big enough to put al of their padding to keep them warm underneath. Win win!
We went to Grandma and Grandpa Cannon's neighborhood to trick-or-treat like we usually do. Tanner was a trooper and didn't start getting tired until we were almost back to their house anyway. So it worked out perfectly. Chase on the other hand had to be carried the majority of the time. Mostly because he just didn't walk as fast to keep up with Tanner, and then once his bucket got so heavy it was impossible for him to try to walk. I suggested to bring the stroller for this very reason, but Kollin though we'd be fine without. Our aching backs sure proved him wrong! Ha!
Tanner is already talking about planning his costume for next Halloween, so we shall see what he decides on!
Happy Halloween!

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