Just Over Half Way!

I am 22 weeks along now, almost 23. I have been really sick through this whole thing. I keep trying to stay positive about it, and try to remember that it will all be worth it in the end. Kollin has been such a great cheerleader for me, and supporting me when I'm feeling down. We have already done a bunch of shopping for baby clothes and what not. What do you expect from 2 of the worst shopaholics known to man? We've gotten some really cute stuff, but decided we should stop, cuz you never know what can come out of any baby showers that might be thrown.

These ones are my favorites so far... of course.

Kollin's dad has also sent us this very cute Scentsy for his room. awww!

I definitely have a baby belly now. Some people that have seen this picture say I have nothing, but I feel huge. But I also know I'm only going to be getting bigger as time goes on. I'm thinking that there is no hiding the fact that I've got a little boy bun in my oven now. But also, if you saw me, and didn't know what I looked like before I was preggers, you wouldn't really figure that I am yet. So weird.

Earlier this week I ended up needing to resign from my job since I haven't worked regularly since June. My FMLA ran out, so I didn't have anymore job protection. At least I was able to voluntarily resign, so I will be rehireable whenever I am ready to go back. Let's just hope that they will be hiring at that time! I loved my job, and hated to leave. With all this extra time I have doing absolutely nothing around the house, I've taken up crocheting again. Also among trying to keep the house clean, which I am not doing very good at since I can only get up and move around for about 5 or 10 minutes before I get really sick and need to lie down. I feel so guilty that Kollin is carrying the brunt of everything. ESPECIALLY since he got up early this morning (dude doesn't know how to sleep in), and cleaned the house while I was still snoozing in bed. Jerk. At least he just went down for a nap, and I'm going to try to finish up some of the cleaning he didn't get to.
Anyway, with the crochet, I have made my first pair of baby booties. They turned out pretty good for my first try in my opinion. I'll probably make a gazillion more before he gets here, so he most likely won't have an issue keeping his tootsies warm. I am also working on a baby blanket. It will hopefully turn out really cute. Lord knows that I have plenty of time to sit and work on it before he is here.

We were also able to see The Little Man at the zoo this week. It was really fun to see Kollin be with his son. Kollin gets so happy when he is with him, and has so much fun watching him.

Ok, so you can totally see my baby bump in this one! eek!


Callie said...

Cute Pics! I have some clothes for you guys too, I'm going to bring them when I come down for Thanksgiving. It's hard NOT to shop, trust me! The cutest clothes I found were in Park City, the outlet malls. Also, black friday sales a great! Anyway, can't wait to see you guys!

griggsy said...

Super cute baby belly!! LOvE the skull clothes!