Mommy's Little Helper

Yesterday Tanner started doing a couple new things. In the same day! (oh I'm so proud)

While I was feeding him lunch he was reaching for something on the counter next to me. I gave him the lid to the baby food jar to see if that was what he wanted. Yup. He started playing around with it while I was feeding him. I happened to be holding the jar kind of close and all of a sudden he put the lid on the jar! I couldn't believe it for a second until he took it back off and it turned into a game of putting the lid on and taking it back off while I was feeding him. He sat there and ate and capped the jar for probably a full 10 to 15 minutes. Wow.

Then after lunch we were playing around with his Mega Blocks. I got them out thinking he may be wanting to start stacking things. He liked banging them together and throwing them around more than trying to stack them though. I think them clicking together like Lego's was a little difficult for him. (mental note, we need to get him blocks) So I started throwing some of them back into the bag since he seemed like he was getting bored of them.

Then this happened:

Not even 1 yet, and he's already putting his toys away! Although it is a game for him, but never too early to start good habits right?

Also something else that I just thought of that he has been doing for maybe a week or so. I have been working on teaching him to turn around and go down stairs, the bed, the couch and so on, backwards. I knew it would take a while for him to catch on, but he finally did it!

He was playing on the bed with me one morning and he started crawling towards the edge. I started getting a little worried because of past experiences of him nose diving right off the side. (Luckily our bed is very close to the ground. I guess you could say it is kind of an Asian type of bed to get a picture of it. It also has a ledge going around the side as well that he is able to step on. He's very good at getting on the bed himself.) Anyway! Just as I was about freak out and grab him since it looked like he was going to sit up with his butt going off the edge, he started to turn around! He was able to get his legs off the edge and slid down to the ground all by himself.

After my heart went back down from my throat I was so excited that he finally did it. He has been getting pretty good at it ever since. It is very exciting, but I am getting more and more scared of him being able to get around by himself even more. Eep!

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