Memorial Day Weekend

We had a couple BBQs that we went to over Memorial Day weekend.

First, we had a BBQ at Grandma and Grandpa Cannon's house. It was a pretty chilly day so we all just ate inside. After dinner all the little boys started running around and having a grand old time. 
This was the first time that Tanner actually "participated" in the fun. He couldn't keep up with the bigger boys racing around the house, but he had so much fun toddling after them!
After dinner we all headed to the ball park to watch a Bees game and see fireworks.

 It was COLD! Good thing we had coats and blankets to bundle up in.

 Tanner got bored though.
 He was super fussy. Whenever we tried to wrap him in a blanket to keep him warm he would freak out more. Probably thought we were trying to put him to sleep or something.
There wasn't anything we could do to keep him from crying but go walk around with him. I found a little room that had the elevators in it to go to the suites that was enclosed and warmer than outside. We hung out in there for a while since he had no where to go and I couldn't lose him. Ha!
Grandpa Cannon did a pretty good job of calming him down and keeping him warm. He's got the magic touch.
 We got fed up with the cold, so we left before they did the fireworks. Oh well!

The next day we had a BBQ at Great Grandma Norman's house. It was still pretty chilly so we ate inside there as well.
After we ate the kids wanted to go and play in the backyard.
Tanner had lots of fun with Grandma Stark on a scooter and swing.

 Cousin Tiff always loves to play with Tanner when she sees him, so we let him stay outside with her while we went inside. 
The next thing we knew cousin Cory came inside saying that we weren't allowed to go outside.... So of course we did.
And THIS is what we found.
Tanner was having so much fun in that sand though. He got so much sand everywhere, but it was so cute.

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